A simple remedy

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The last days of Ramadan pass and we are approaching the end of this special month.
While trying to spend the nights mostly in prayer, with Quran reading and sometimes looking towards our brothers and sisters in Mecca, I heard one of the sheikhs on Huda TV talking about happiness in Islam.
He said: if someone depressed, fearful or despaired would follow, instead of a normal medication, the treatment-order „ pray five times a day“, the person would most likely heal, would become happy and hopeful again, mashaallah.
I wouldn’t say that devoted Muslims never get depressed and never need psycho-medication, but chances are that life becomes much easier and more positive by following a pure Islamic way of life, by following religious orders, by staying patient and putting trust only in God our creator.
You know, the life of a Muslim is good, it is in any case a happy one, because everything that happens to him is good for him, Alhamdulillah. Even if the Muslim is tested with a calamity, no matter how hard it might be, he puts his trust in Allah and says:”Alhamdulillah, thanks God that You test me with this” – so the Muslim gains Allahs pleasure and in fact gets a double reward in this life and in the hereafter because of his gratitude, patience and trust in Allah.

So I want remind myself and you to stay patient, to always show thankfulness and a positive and hopeful attitude with our fate.
Happy last days of Ramadan to you!
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2 thoughts on “A simple remedy

  1. Liebe Grüsse von uns ins Bougmez zu Euch. Kraft, Geduld und ja, Vertrauen, dass es gut ist, gut sein wird und sein darf.

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