Last Ramadan-week and ten mundane facts


Ramadan 23rd:

  • feeling a bit tired and dizzy during day;
  • being amazed by the strong intention and selfcontrol of my two fasting boys who did already so many days, mashaallah;
  • sometimes being quickly exhausted myself by little mundane tasks and doing only the minimum of it;
  • coughing and sneezing a lot because of the very dry and dusty weather;
  • trying to benefit from quiet devotion time by night, which starts for me very late because rhythms totally changed and baby recently doesn’t sleep until nearly midnight…;
  • eating cucumber-yogurt-sauce (without garlic) and pizza-bread for iftar;
  • loving this beautiful shop the beautiful pictures and the owner herself (for the sake of Allah);
  • reading the Quran here and learning this sura again;
  • dreaming to sit in this or that rocking chair;
  • but generally having very deep thankfulness for all the blessings in our life, alhamdulillah.

salam aleikoum and peace with you during these last blessed days and nights!



2 thoughts on “Last Ramadan-week and ten mundane facts

  1. Salamualaikum dear Itto! Hope you, and your family, are doing all well! Wishing you blessed and silent last days of Ramadan. Thank you so much for linking to our shop:)

    And may the One for whom you love me (Allah), love you.

  2. Liebe Itto und Familie,
    Wir wünschen Euch gesegnete Nächte und friedliche Tage. Liebe Grüsse, in Gedanken immer wieder auch zu Euch reisend, Brigitte & Familie

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