the magic of a Ramadan evening


I think one of the most beautiful moments during Ramadan is the last half an hour before we break the fast. Every evening there is this magical atmosphere before sunset, this waiting for the call to Maghrib-prayer, which is the signal that we are again allowed to eat after a long day of fasting.
I love this special moment, when everyone on the streets and fields rushes home and the outside becomes so quiet, when the last preparations in kitchen are made, when the kids (who often fast now as well, mashaallah) run to bring fresh cold water from the spring while I finish to nicely arrange everything on the big table, making sure that there is a bit of everything and for every taste: sweet and salty, something fresh, something cooked or baked; that there are the obligatory dates and water, olives, boiled eggs, yoghurt, juice, tea or coffee…

It is a wonderful feeling when everything is ready just in time and it fills me with so much thankfulness to see the bounties of Allah every evening on our table, subhanallah, to see that we really are blessed.
The last minutes before breaking the fast are extremely special; they are mostly quiet and peaceful, also filled with excitement for what is to come, a bit like I remember Christmas just before having been allowed to see the gifts under the tree…
Hunger is now not that big any more and the thoughts wander back through the day: during noon it was a bit hard and I was tired, but now I enjoy just sitting in front of he door, listening to nature, seeing the sun disappear behind the mountains and waiting for the relieving Adhan, the first “Allahu akbar” from the mosque next over.
There it is – “Allahu akbar!- God is the greatest” sounds now from everywhere around, the whole valley is filled with this beautiful call to worship and I know that millions of Muslims all over this country, all over the world enjoy this sacred moment of relief and gratitude.

I take the first date into my hands, a glass of water, I thank Allah for this day well passed and for the gifts He offers us every evening, I ask Him to accept my fasting, and then I drink – that first sip is so good, alhamdulillah, that first bite is so delicious…yes, indeed, Ramadan is beautiful.


3 thoughts on “the magic of a Ramadan evening

  1. Liebste Itto
    Ich freue mich… für das euer neue Zuhause, für den gesegneten Ramadan, dass deine Kinder sich so toll entfalten und entwickeln können, dafür das du mich im tiefsten Herzen berührst mit deinen Worten – und dafür, dich kennen zu dürfen. MashaAllah! In Liebe, Nadine

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