eco-housing and a lot to do

salam aleikoum dear friends and readers,

a long time is gone since I last wrote here. spring is alomost gone and summer’s heat arrived. internet doesn’t work well at the moment and often I cannot access this space, I cannot post pictures or even write.
but also there is not much time in these days to do so. We are still in the midst of moving, of making the new house our home, we are rearranging the school, doing school-year’s-end-stuff and party-preparations and lots of other things.

So I am pleased to just blog today this article: LiveGreen Sisters article may14 on eco-housing (featuring our new home, alhamdulillah) that was published in the last issue of Sisters Magazine.

I don’t know when I will be back here again, days are still very busy. But until then, I hope that you are all well.
I wish you a blessed month of Sha’aban and God’s mercy for the upcoming month of Ramadan, inchaallah.

may peace be with you all!

16.9.13 018  DSCN9244 DSCN9247 mauern I



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