spring pfirsich 

the nature awakes, the trees are in blossom – subhanallah, what beauty!

the things begin to grow all around the house and in the garden,
and also our smallest family member begins to crawl and wants to walk now, mashaallah.
once again I realize how quick time flies…

it is ten years now that I can call myself “a mother”, alhamdulillah,
more than eight years of changing diapers on a daily basis; that makes more than 14000 diapers… (that would be a huge trash-pile; I am glad we are mostly using cloth)
nearly eleven years of personal growth and learning;
ten years of amazement and challenges, of questions and insights;
ten years of growing with these littles ones, alhamdulillah!

one of them is now not so little any more, our biggest one quickly develops into a man, mashaallah, and I feel that recently a new decade began:
puberty and all it brings with; new questions, new challenges of another kind; new insecurity (do you have any parenting books to recommend???) and a lot to find out together, inchallah.

so, happy growing and happy spring!

sping schmetterling spring biene

spring wander


5 thoughts on “Springtimefeelings

  1. It’s always a pleasure to read you Itto, your thoughts on life. May you have a beautiful spring!
    Stay well, in peace and keep looking at life with wide open eyes.

  2. liebe Itto,
    es ist immer wieder so schön von dir zu hören! wie schade, dass du nicht mehr so viel Zeit hast wir früher!
    ganz liebe Grüsse aus Potsdam, ich denke an dich

  3. I always enjoy coming here Itto 🙂
    Yes,life and all it’s changes…beautiful. I don’t know so much about boys but I do love the Family Dawn website. They have articles in English & French, and are truly knowlegeable mashaAllah.


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