Natural Choices as a Parent

wochenbett bett
baby moon – in bed with baby after birth

As a parent there are many choices to make and a lot of different opinions turn around each one. Today I want to share some of the choices we made since we had our first child nearly ten years ago; choices that proved to be good ones and to which we still stick to, now even with the fourth one, alhamdulillah:

  1. natural homebirth without PDA or other painkillers (thanks God that I never had complications that forced me to go to hospital, alhamdulillah)
  2. fully embracing baby moon and staying in bed after birth- at least for a week or two (Wochenbett).
    This I consider such an important part on the journey of being a new mom; this is the “vacation” you need after pregnancy and birth to become ready for all the challenges as a new mother; this I consider as so important to give your body the time to recover and to fall in love with the newborn. The hormonal ups and downs and the defining of your new role now is already difficult enough, so it is important to rest, to have time to sleep and quiet to think, to be pampered by others in these first days and to have someone who takes care of you, of the household tasks and especially of the older children. I am very thankful, that I had always the luck to be accompanied by very caring people, subhanallah.
  3. breastfeeding baby: at least 6 month fully (the best vaccination ever) and then slowly beginning to feed food but continuing with breast milk up to two years, inchallah, such as it is ordered by Allah even in the holy Qur’an.
  4. cloth diapering instead of plastic (I use many different styles, here is some good information for beginners)
  5. natural fibres, eco fabrics and healthy products for baby. I think it is very important, especially in the first months, to keep baby warm with materials that are healthy and feel good (wool, silk, cotton) and to keep away artificial fragrances (often used in baby products but also mom’s perfume, strong shampoo etc). This time we even made our own chamomile-calendula oil to clean baby’s bud, alhamdulillah.
  6. co-sleeping and sharing the family-bed (attachment parenting in general)
  7. carrying and wearing baby in a sling (now, after more than 16 weeks, I am wearing baby also on my back)

What choices did you make and why?

baby tragen draussen baby wickeln nov
kräter öl angiessen krÄuter ÖL
Self-made baby cleaner with olive oil and chamomile/calendula wochenbett essen
Treats during babymoon 

P.S.: Happy 1435 after Hijrah to all my sisters out there! Salam aleikoum.


10 thoughts on “Natural Choices as a Parent

  1. Salaam Itto!
    Such a pleasure reading your posts (and looking at the lovely pictures). Thank you.
    Do you not vaccinate your children? Not even the obligatory vaccinations?

  2. Itto, How nice to read you. I would have loved to enjoy a bit more the after-birth, but did not have this choice or breastfed but it did not work. However I am trying my best to use the most gentle soap for baby and cook only homemade food. These months after birth are so special, each mum should be granted the right to enjoy them fully without any worry.
    Take care and stay blessed.

  3. Dear Itto,
    I really enjoy reading your blogposts and this one went right into my heart: this is exactly how we spend the first weeks/months with our newborns and it´s so heartwarming to read that a lot of parents all over the world, no matter where they live, try to keep the babymoon quiet and to raise their children naturally and with warmth and love. I really enjoy the babymoons, too: in fact, as a mother, they are the only times of REAL holidays for me at all and the special magic of this weeks helps me a lot to go through the next months and years with a big family full of life :0)
    I´m sending you a lot of hugs and a personal mail will be on its way…but I don´t think I can make it before christmas!

  4. Salam Alaykom my dear sister in Islam.. even though we do not speak..or have much contact… I always keep you and your family in my duaas.. May Allah swt bless you with your thoughfully loving choices Incha’Allah Amine.
    hugs and kisses !!

  5. Salam Itto, I was happy to see an update and to read about your lifestyle with your family/baby. My culture mixed with hubby’s culture + Islam makes a bit of a difference in how go about parenting.

    We co-sleep (actually our 3 year old is still in our bed as well)
    I nurse according to the Quran
    I wear baby a lot in the day
    I make some of my own skin/hair products using coconut oil etc
    Unfortunately I was unable to take the much needed rest with the baby as I was left with the 3 year old, but I am happy to have my days with both kids.

    May Allah bless your family.

  6. Liebe Itto,
    ich habe den Baby-Moon mit Nellie auch sehr genossen. Eine Woche bin ich strikt im Bett geblieben, die Kleine bei mir unter der kuscheligen Decke. Keiner außer Papa oder Bruder durften sie auf den Arm nehmen. Da war ich ganz eigen….
    Ich habe Nellie die ersten Monate gestillt und immer bei mir gehabt, als sie älter wurde, habe ich ihr ein eigenes Zimmer zum Schlafen eingerichtet. Ich selbst konnte nicht mehr schlafen: Entweder Andreas schnarchte oder Nellie hielt mich mit Schnarren, Drehen, Schnaufen wach. Ich konnte nicht mehr, wollte wenigstens nachts Zeit für mich, Stille zum Schlafen.
    Sie schläft gut in ihrem Kettchen, wenn Sie nachts aufwacht hole ich sie in unser Bett und da bleibt sie dann auch bis morgens.
    In meiner Zeit alls Mutter (über fünf Jahre) habe ich gemerkt, dass ich Zeit für mich brauche, Auszeiten um mich wieder zu finden, mit mir alleine sein…um Kraft zu tanken für die Zeit mit den Kindern, die ich dann auch sehr genießen kann.
    Ich denke, jede Mutter findet selbst raus, was ihr und damit der Familie gut tut und richtig sich hoffentlich danach…wir Mamas sollten uns nicht gegenseitig schlecht machen und den eigenen Weg als den einzig möglichen sehen. Vielmehr sollten wir verschiedene Wege akzeptieren und uns unterstützen.

    Ich denke viel an Euch und freue mich über Neuigkeiten von Dir und der Schule.
    Was macht Ihr eigentlich mit Deinem ältesten Sohn, wenn es auf die weiterführende Schule gehen soll?

    Liebste Grüße von Steffi aus Bremen

  7. Salaam,

    What I do with my daugter who is 18months tomorrow is;

    Since she is 15/ 16 months she doesnt wear diapers anymore

    Love your posts!

  8. Dear Itto, I recently discovered your blog and I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful stories that you want to share with us, you are a truly inspiring person masha’allah and I can relate to much of your values and blessings in life. I hope one day we will meet in Ait Bougemez as I am planning on moving to Morocco this year insh’allah. Love from Holland, Laura

  9. Salaam Itto, so lovely to read about your natural parenting again. Alhamdallah I co slept with both my boys despite it not being ‘very acceptable’ in my society or perhaps rather not spoken about often. It has been a real treasure and blessing. Retrospectively, I wish I had considered cloth nappies but unfortuantely that bipassed me a little. Inshallah you are all well both in body and soul. Tamsin x

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