it’s the little things…

bliss oct

Sometimes there is no time to look for a new motive: so here you see again our kitchen, from another corner on a Sunday morning during a few minutes of semi-peace and silence…

When it is quiet on this blog, it usually means that real life is very busy.
For my taste, it is a bit too busy at the moment: with the everyday tasks as a mother of four, alhamdulillah, with a husband who often has to travel, with a whole school to manage and with some serious things to organise…
In the spare moments, when I finally find myself alone, quiet and able to breathe, (during daytime this only happens in the bathroom, and even there I sometimes have a baby with me…) I often feel too exhausted for everything. I then simply enjoy the peace of the moment and the silence around – these are the moments when I really thank God for the energy He gave me to carry so many different things, subhanallah, and these are also the moments when I realize that I have to use my energy wisely and to honour my body and mind for the work they do, alhamdulillah.
Over the years I learned that I really have to treat myself well, especially in times like these. I have to be kind with myself in order to be able to give love and to be good with others.
This wasn’t easy for me to learn and I often neglected my own needs. But I get better on with it and I try now to consciously listen to my own needs and to create some oases of peace (even small, short and tiny ones) in the midst of my hurry-blurry days full of musts and have-to’s.

This is my actual list of small little moments of bliss to treat myself:

  • Smiling to myself in the mirror
  • Drinking a big mug of fresh and warm milk coffee
  • Looking at the happy face of our baby-boy, subhanallah
  • Reading beautiful home interior magazines
  • Eating a slice of Swiss chocolate
  • Massaging my hands with some rich hand cream (Weleda is my favourite brand)
  • Taking a little walk behind the house, to get another perspective of everything
  • Watching a movie with the children in the evening
  • Getting to bed early or sleeping a bit longer in the morning, to have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep
  • Rejuvenating myself 5 times a day during the minutes in prayer and prostration
  • Decorating the table with lovely flowers or herbs from the garden.

What is the bliss that carries you through the day?

I keep you in my prayers, especially all the hard working moms out there, and I wish you satisfaction and joy in all what you do.


13 thoughts on “it’s the little things…

  1. salaam alaikum… I totally get where you are coming from…mother of 5, pretty much alone accomplishing the daily tasks…God does give us the strength and through Him it is amazing what is accomplished. it slows down at some point as the kids get older and do more for themselves. I wish I could talk to you in real life in person…we have much in common.
    much love a faithful reader

  2. an early night…and I mean early…with a good book does it for me…learning to switch off is an art …take care sister xxxx

  3. It always feel good to read you Itto. Life is busy and it’s all good, because you know how to recharge, when to take a pause to reflect on things and breath.
    We need times during the days and weeks to switch off, even for a couple of minutes, so we find the energy to continue and the courage to achieve our dreams and projects.
    Taking a shower, going out for a walk in the early morning, eating fresh fruits or simply writing, reading, this is my way to look after myself. And it’s a priority, so we then can go out and give, share love.
    Stay well and in peace always dear.

  4. Salam Aleikoum Itto,

    Thank you for your beautiful words, you have entered my heart.. all mom’s with young children know what you mean.. we search for little moments.. this is what keeps us connected….May Allah bless you, and your family and keep the light shinning on you…we have just moved to Tizougarine, Morocco from Canada… .. and hope to walk in the footsteps of the good ones.. inshallah..

  5. Salam aleikum Itto,
    As a mother of 4, homeschooling and daily responsibilities can be over overwhelming. Little comforts help get through these times….A café au lait, a warm shower, a dash of rose perfume for myself as I am in the house, a floral handcream, spraying my kitchen counter with a lemon-scented cleaner, sending a mail to a dear friend, or finding them on Skype….occasionally going for a walk or run, going for a little drive and observe the beauty Allah put into nature, listening to nice qasidas. Sometimes I wish I still had mental energy in the evening to learn more about Islam and do some readings, but very often I fall asleep nursing my young one, Alhamdulillah. I am hoping the longer winter nights will allow for some beneficial personal projects and planning. Always love to read you, May Allah bless you and support your family.
    Fatimah Lisa

  6. beautiful moments alhamdulillah, mascha Allah. Ich schicke dir noch sehr verspätete Eid Grüße, ich hoffe ihr hattet ein schönes Eid! Ich wünsche dir viel Kraft für deine Aufgaben! Möge ALlah es dir leicht machen. take time for your needs..
    das ist so wichtig!
    salamualaikum, sarah

  7. Love this post! Share your feelings 😉 wrapping both hands around a lovely cup of red bush tea, mmm bliss amongst the madness 😀

  8. Salaam alaikoem,

    Thanks for the post, always inspiring. I find myself too searching for peace in my hart, Since I have my daughter I feel sometimes like there’s always a ruch in me (for what??). May Allah give us sabr..

    M3a salaam,

  9. Salam alaykoum
    Bel article. J’ai beaucoup d’admiration pour toi, ton énergie et ta bonté. Tu es un exemple. Continue, qu’Allah te facilite et te bénisse.

  10. Liebe Itto,
    ein schöner Post, der zum Nachdenken und vor allem Nachahmen einlädt. Meine Favourites: kühle Luft, die den Kopf freibläst; schöne Düfte (Raumduft Lavendel oder schöne Räucherstäbchen); früh aufzustehen und das Treiben auf den Straßen zu beobachten; Sport treiben und immer mal wieder tief durchatmen. 🙂 Alles Liebe für Euch, Snezi

  11. Assalamu aleykum;

    Mes petits bonheurs lorsque j’ y pense, puisque je suis aussi mère de quatre enfants al hamdulillah.
    Un appartement propre et lumineux, me coiffer, me parfumer et me mettre du karité avant maghreb, une bonne tisane, une promenade avec les enfants, raconter de belles histoires pour les enfants avec mes livres de petite fille, regarder les plantes et câliner le chat, m’ organiser pour la journée, la salat doha qui est un vrai moment de recueillement, trouver de belles idées pour mon appartement, pour les prochaines fêtes d’ Eid et préparer de bons petits plats très savoureux. Merci pour ces partages qui m’ apportent tant d’ appaisement.

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