To thank for…

thank saft wochenbett babyfuss

Ramadan is the month of prayer and invocation.
There are always so many things to ask and to pray for, and there are always a lot of things we wish for, problems we want to be resolved, needs we have…
But before wishing for something, before thinking of all the things we would like to get, it is always best to praise Allah first and to thank Him for all the mercy He already showered us with. Because truly, subhanallah, there are so many things to thank for.
Whenever I begin to think about all the blessings in our life, the list goes on and on and doesn’t end and I could continue to thank Allah. I become quiet fulfilled and satisfied until I nearly have forgotten what I wish for…

Alhamdulillah, I am so thankful that there is….

…peace and the life we are gifted with,
…delicious food and pure cold water,
…warm sun and beautiful nature,
…the natural smell of our newborn
…a brain to think and a body to work with
…the relaxed laziness of hot summer days
…pacifiers (Schnuller) to calm a crying baby
…the beautiful butterfly that cross-flight our garden yesterday
…my washing machine
…children, family and friends…

Allahu akbar! Life is so good.

Happy ‘Id moubarak to all!
Peace and love, xxx



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