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The weather got very warm now and the air smells like summer, the nature is in full bloom, the sacred month of Shaâban is here (last month before Ramadan) and we are heading this weekend  into three months (!!!) of holidays, inchallah.

Now, alhamdulillah, that most of the important work is done, that things are prepared and time is nearly due, I feel able to centre myself. Baby feels already like a member of our family and has already his place in our hearts, alhamdulillah, being talked and touched to through the skin of my belly. And day by day there is more and more excitement about meeting  and caring for him, inchallah, but also many questions arising:
When will baby come, tomorrow or in three weeks ? Am I ready to free this little being to the worlds? How will the birth be? What surprises does this hidden secret inside of me hold for us? How will baby look like? How will he be and how will he change our life ?

Allah alone knows the answers and only He knows what will happen, how things will turn out.
I try to relax and to fully trust in His quadr‘ (divine destiny).

And I wish you a blessed month of Shaâban, a lovely early summer, good preparations for Ramadan and jumuah moubarak! Salam aleikoum friends.

(do you see the little spots on my dress? Sorry for that, but I really do not see the front and below my belly anymore and sometimes things just drop in an uncontrolled way on and under this big womb, mashaallah).



6 thoughts on “Questions

  1. liebe Itto,
    ich denke oft an dich und wünsche alles alles Gute für die kommenden Tage und Wochen.
    lass es dir gut gehen, geniesse den Sommer und alles Kommende
    ganz liebe Grüsse

  2. Liebe Itto,
    Ich wünsche Dir alles Gute für die Geburt Deines Sohnes. Das Timing mit den bevorstehenden Ferien könnte ja nicht besser sein.
    Ich denke viel an Dich und bin gespannt auf erste Bilder. Bestimmt bist Du froh, den Bauch bald los zu werden. Sieht wirklich hochschwanger aus.

    Meine Nellie sitzt mit ihren 17 Wochen bei mir auf dem Schoß, hat jetzt aber auch keine Lust mehr….

    Liebste Grüße von Steffi aus Bremen

  3. Wow, er wird grösser und grösser… Schön findest du nun zeit, dich vorzubereiten, in dich zu gehen und Ruhe zu finden vor der Geburt! Denke viel an euch… Bis bald inshaAllah! Nadine

  4. salaamu aleikoum, I’m a follower of your blog. I enjoy every word I read. I don’t get to comment often, but reading your pregnant I just wanted to wish you a safe and successful labour birth.May Allah make it easy for you. And of course enchallah Happy Ramadan! Henia from Algeria

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