A note on Women’s Day

muslim women RAK 3 damen

Yesterday I received from different people greetings of congratulation because of the international women’s day – I have to confess that I didn’t even know that this day is now.

And our neighbour’s son just came to tell me, that they don’t have school today, because of “women’s day” – it brought a silent smile to my lips. Alhamdulillah.

You know, I am not a feminist at all and I do not see myself as a “fighter for women’s rights”. These things just do not appeal to my point of view and I really see no need to call out a single day per year “women’s day”.

It rather makes me sad to realize that still the world sees the need to do so.

I chose to become a Muslimah, alhamdulillah, because in Islam every day should be a women’s day.
In Islam women are considered as gifts from Allah and are always cherished.
If Islam would be properly lived by a society, all women would get the rights and status they deserve.
The pure teachings of Islam and the example of prophet Mohammed (sas) call to treat women with dignity, honour and fairness, yes even with equality in all spheres of life: in basic humanity; concerning religious obligations, rewards and punishments, ownership and financial transactions, regarding honour and nobility, education and social responsibilities.
And in Islam women are especially given high ranks and the best rights in terms of being a mother.

But unfortunately these aims are rarely reached and in most societies (Muslim and non-Muslim societies as well) the man-made culture, old traditions, also modern permissiveness and personal interests refuse women their natural and God given honour and rights, mashallah.

Instead of party a single day per year I would love to call out to all of us to strive together for a more friendly and respectful world towards everybody.
Not by organising sex-strikes, violent revolutions and the call of hate against men, but by living every day at our best, both sexes following God’s orders, being the most caring and loving towards each other and ourselves.

Hugs and peace and bless you, inchallah!


4 thoughts on “A note on Women’s Day

  1. You are so right Itto. It is what we should all do……….I feel woman’s day is just a day to remember many women are fighting for their rights and for a peaceful world around the globe.

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