The power of Herbs

heilpflanzentrocknen breit
heilpflanzen räuchern heilpflanzen tablett

We don’t have any snow left in this valley. The days are now sunny blue and cold in the shadow but really warm in the sun. The nights are still freezing and I guess we might have some more wintry winter days soon, inchaallah.

Anyway, the cold season is here and every one of us struggles from time to time with a sniffle or a cough. These are the moments when I really value the late summer treasures stocked in boxes and glasses on the shelves of our larder:

Achillea millefolium, Calendula, Taraxacum, Chamomilla, Malva, Galium, Weed, and my favourite Plantago major: piled up in a jar, with lots of sugar and left for weeks and months it makes the best home made cough syrup we ever had, subhanallah.

It is the first winter that we really mostly use only what we gathered ourselves and it makes such a difference: when brewing up a mug of hot tea, pouring the water over the chosen herbs, remembering the moment when we picked them together in the woods and fields, alhamdulillah, this act in itself is already healing and much more fulfilling than opening a bag of ready-made tea.

And I am sure, that the plants from the area where we live in carry the same energy and spirit and have much more healing power to our body than those coming from far away, inchallah.

Some of our stock already shrinks and I look forward to spring when these little helpers of nature grow and show up again, inchallah. I am looking forward to new glasses of home made dandelion honey and fresh herbs to pick.

But for now I am amazed by the power of nature and the blessings that God put just around us. Alhamdulillah.

Helpful books about herbal medicine can be found on my book-page.



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