Winter reads


Late autumn and winter: a time to return inside, to gather at home, to cuddle and to snuggle.

I love this time of the year, when the skies are ice-blue, the air crispy cold and when home becomes a real castle against the harshness of the season, subhanallah.

For me this is always the time to get out special books for read-aloud in front of the chimney, it is the time for hot drinks, dimmed light and candles. And it is also the time for redecorating spaces and making everything a bit more cosy and comfortable.

While reading our favourite books, I love indulging in childhood memories and to wander into my special girly land of dreams. I love to share these stories with my children and to wave such beautiful tales about our own life.

Our most beloved winter reads are mainly old classics that have snowy themes, like many of Swedish author’s Astrid Lindgren books, such as “Guck mal Madita, es schneit”, the books from Elsa Beskow, from Lena Anderson and other stories with magical drawings about heal worlds full of harmony.

In the early mornings, before working on my laptop an when having the precious chance to have some me-time, I always and still love learning more about child-education but also about how to heal with the herbs we’ve recently collected and about gardening in general. I enjoy dreaming about what to plant in spring and how to develop our farming skills, inchaallah.

My actual favourite books are:

Wolf-Dieter Storl “Der Kosmos im Garten” and “Kräuterkunde”
Rebeca Wild „Genügend gute Eltern“
Christian Signol „Marie des Brébis“ (wonderful biography of a simple shepherdess),
Lena Anderson/Christina Björk „Linnéas Jahrbuch“

What are your preferred winter-reads?



3 thoughts on “Winter reads

  1. Beautiful, Mashallah. You always inspire me with your early morning me time, I don’t think I have got to that stage yet, my 2 year old wakes me early enough. I have just finished reading the third of the earth children series, Clan of the cave bear by Jean M. Auel is the first one. You might like the is set against the backdrop of the last ice age. I really like how they use the land and herbs and so close to nature. Enjoy your winter days inshallah. Ma Salam, you are often in my thoughts x

  2. When it comes to my favourite books, I could make a list that goes on forever. Literally! But this winter, I’m planning on re-reading The Hunger Games triology, and probably read a few old Enid Blyton stories that I used to love in my very first teen years!

  3. I always enjoy stopping by here. Thank you for reminding me of winter’s treasures as I often have a hard time doing that on my own. I am reading to my children, ‘Gay Neck,’ which is the story of a pigeon and a boyhood in India by Dhan Gopal Mukerji.

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