For Peace and Understanding


This week the école vivante had been visited by our Swiss partner school Scuola Vivante.

A group of young students and teachers came to revive the friendship between our schools and to live together what we stand for: peace, respect and intercultural understanding.

It was a most blessed time of joy. Although both groups of students, the Moroccans and the Swiss, do not talk each others language and come from very different cultural and religious backgrounds, they were all learning, singing, discovering and communicating together and renewing the connection between us, deeply feeling the rope of a common philosophy that binds us, subhanallah.

Interested to know more about this project?

Go and read the new blog of Scuola Vivante, a testimonial of 20 years of free pedagogic work.

Happy New Year 1434 after Hijrah to all Muslims and peace to all of you!


5 thoughts on “For Peace and Understanding

  1. beautiful, looks like a good time..I really enjoy reading about the school project and to see how it grows an grows..may peace and blessings with you an the children
    wa alaikum salam

  2. It looks like it was a fabulous time you had all together. Communication does not always need words to be effective.

    Take care Itto and have a blessed day.

  3. Subahanallah, I remember watching my mother, years ago, sit with her cup of tea and read through your blog quite often. Then as I grew up and started using the internet on my own, I stopped watching what mum gets up to online and I completely forgot about your blog. Now, I suddenly saw “Itto’s living faith” on someone’s blog and I was like “ITTO!!!” lol, so glad to randomly find myself here, and so glad you still update your fabulous blog, masha’allah! Keep up the great work.

  4. Assalamu alaykum Itto,
    I am a regular reader of your blog. I just wanted to ask you something, if you don’t mind, do you work as a teacher at Ecole Vivante? What is actually your role in the school project?
    May God bless you and your family

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