‘Id moubarak!

happy blessed ‘Id to all the Muslim ummah
and hugs to all our friends and families on this special day! 

(chocolate mud cake with halal marshmallows and sweets, bismillah) 




4 thoughts on “‘Id moubarak!

  1. by the embers
    (sofia jannok)

    by the embers it is peaceful
    the air is mellow
    resting close to you
    northern lights dance under high heavens
    with sundry forms of fires
    the full moon keeps watch of weak wanderers
    so the coldness of winter won’t trick us
    beyond the border of eternity

    surround my world
    with radiance and warmth
    red beauty
    let me be in the center of life
    where it’s boiling, burning hot
    listening to the sound of life
    where does it come from
    following its path, in pursuit
    brings me close to your coulors and warmth
    which shimmer, shine an seduce me

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