ingredients for happiness


What do one need to be happy?

Not much, I believe, subhanallah.

Sometimes it is as simple as:
a short break and blue sky,
a sweet berry picked, some pebbles thrown,
a lovely word, a good book, a cup of tea,
children’s laughter, naked feet in the grass,
enjoying the first goods of harvesting …
and plum cake. Bliss!
Autumn, we love you, Alhamdulillah!




3 thoughts on “ingredients for happiness

  1. Thanks for reminding me to do a plum cake, yummy…!

    I agree, that happiness lies within everything, almost. We just have to open our eyes and heart.


  2. Alhamdulillah we are blessed to have thing that can give us joy and happiness…..for me it is often the most simple of things that I find give me true hapinness.
    Things like crochet, reading a good book and even having a nice cup of something hot while watching the rain falling.

  3. Danke Itto für diese weisen, eigentlich so “einfachen” Worte. Ja, gute Frage, was brauchen wir um glücklich zu sein? Frieden und Ruhen in sich, auch wenn nur für kurze Momente ist. Danke fürs Augen – und Herz öffnen. Ich wünsche Dir eine Woche mit vielen solcher Momente. Take care Brigitte

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