on Love and Hate

Salam aleikoum world,
may peace be with you!

Islam is peace

– that’s how I understand my religion despite what’s going on in the world these days.

Our dear prophet Mohammed (sas), who came as the last messenger in a long chain of truthful rightly guided men (such as Adam, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Jesus, etc.), who were all sent by God the Almighty, was an honourable man full of mercy, love and respect for all mankind.

Yes, it deeply hurts to hear about the insulting and slandering on his person, peace be on him. Yes, I hate blasphemous acts such as the new American film everybody is talking about now and which obviously seems to show a very bad and false picture of our religion.

But I cannot accept the counter-reactions of hate and violence in retaliation that are now done by some Muslims all over the world – because this is not Islam!

Do you remember the beautiful story about slandering I once quoted here?

I am sure that’s how the prophet (sas) would have reacted today – quiet, wise, with peacefulness and patience.

I am sure he (sas) would have shown as much love and mercy as possible; he (sas) would have maybe even invite his enemies to talk to them in the most beautiful manner.

That’s how we should react now: strong and wise and patient – to show Islam in the most beautiful light, to make dawah in the most beautiful ways, to trust in God’s destiny and to rely on His justice.

Who else would be able to better this world and to spread the Islamic message of love and peace if not we as Muslims, each one of us, by following our dear prophet’s (sas) example by showing how generous and tolerant he (sas) truly was?

I do not want to give in. I do not want to let the devil take on the power now, audhu billahi. I believe in the good. I believe in the power we all have by making dua’ and acting in kindness.

I pray for this.

Bless you! Incha’allah.


5 thoughts on “on Love and Hate

  1. Assalaamu alaikum dear sister. I have enjoyed reading your posts this last year and seem to be very akin with your thoughts and wisdom. Would love to visit your beautiful school one day. May Allah increase it in all prosperity and khair. Like you I am a convert/revert to Islam and I completely agree with your comments on the film – we need to stand up for the beloved but in a peaceful way and be examples of this deen inshaAllah. May God give us all the strength to act with the best of manners when faced with people misguided in their understanding of what Islam is and try to leave an imprint and reflection of the true message of the beloved Rasul so he can be proud of us in following his sunnah and character peace and blessings be upon him.

  2. Dear Itto, another beautiful message you sent there. Every time I read you, thought I am not a Muslim, I see the same love and sense of peace that inhabits me. As we believe in God, we should all follow the great examples he sent us, through the prophets and react not with hatred and violence, but with a hand that asks to share and a heart that asks to talk about these things that divide us and should only bring into the world a message of peace.

    Take care. xx

  3. Wa alaykum assalam dear Sister Itto,
    Indeed, He (sall-Allahu alaihi wa salam) never sought revenge for himself EVER!
    There is a beautiful course called “Knowing the Messenger of Allah” currently at Seeker’s Guidance, describing his beauty, his sublime character, his kindness, his forbearance, his humility… “to know him is to love him” sall-Allahu alaihi wa sallam.
    Allah bless you too dear sister.

  4. L’Islam n’est pas la paix mais la soumission!

    L’histoire de l’Islam commence avec la guerre, et se terminera par la aussie.
    What a deep truth in the film.

  5. an alle:
    “ich” verlange, fordere von allen jüdischen, christlichen und muslimischen Frauen einen Beweis für die BeHAUPTung, daß JHWE, Gott, Allah “männlich” ist/sei. Eure Worte darüber sind KEIN Beweis. “ich” verlange, fordere einen PHYSISCHEN Beweis für eure Behauptung. Auch wenn ihr “mir” die Vorhaut eurer Söhne schickt, ist dies KEIN beweis für eure Behauptung. “ich” verlange, fordere einen GANZheitlichen Beweis für eure Behauptung: JHWE, Gott, Allah ist/sei männlich!!!

    Ein direkter Hinweis an Stefanie-Itto: in einem Dialekt einer menschlichen Sprache im nordischen Bereich gibt es die Worte “alla” und “alàhallà. Ausgesprochen ist es DASselbe wie “allah”. Diese beiden Worte im nordischen Bereich bedeuten schlicht und einfach: high up!

    Und noch etwas, liebe kleine Schwester: Überschütte dein inneres Haß-Teufelchen immer wieder mit Liebe. Dann wird dieses kleine Haß-Teufelchen irgendwann verschwinden!!!

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