All together

The togetherness of Muslims during ‘Id is much similar to the togetherness every Friday during prayer and eating couscous as a family.  

What are the memories of the past weeks? What did I learn from Ramadan?
Which of those blessings am I able to carry on with me into my daily life?
Can I manage to take at least parts of this increased worship into my everydays?

Are we able, all together, to lighten the world with the peaceful, silent, deep insights we hopefully had during the past blessed month?

Are we able to make this world a better place, all together, every one of us in our own surroundings, just by being the best Muslims we ever were?

Ya Rabb, help us to keep the high level of spirituality far beyond Ramadan.
Help us staying steadfast in your worship,
and help us living in real kindness and love with our brothers and sisters in faith and humanity.
All together. For a peaceful world.

Blessed Friday and blessed month of Shawwal!


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