Ramadan moubarak – and some last preparations


Some last preparations before Ramadan begins…
This year’s kids-calendar is a banner of numbers for every day. On iftar-time, when we break the fast, the children will seek the number of the day and then get a little gift, inchaallah.

We also have kind of a wish tree this year: on the hanging candle holder I decorated hearts and stars and moons with written words like “peace”, “love”, “faith” and “blessings” – things we wish for, inchaallah.

Now I will prepare a jar of affirmations, filled with little papers with prophetic hadith, positive affirmations and little prayers, to take out every morning, to reflect on before beginning to fast; and I will go again through my Ramadan-preparing lists of the last years to be really ready to welcome this beloved month, God willingly.

Ramadan moubarak dear friends!
May Allah make it a blessed time of inner growth, love and harmony for all of you!
World, may you be blessed!


9 thoughts on “Ramadan moubarak – and some last preparations

  1. You seem to be all ready and your ideas are very interesting, as always Itto!
    Wishing you and your loved ones a Blessed Ramadan.

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  3. Liebe Itto und Familie, ich wünsche Dir und Euch von Herzen einen gesegneten, friedvollen und gesunden Ramadan mit stillen und bunten Momenten, mit Begegnungen mit sich und mit Euch lieben Menschen. take care. Ramadan moubarak

  4. Salam Alaykoum Itto

    Ramadhan Moubarak à toi et ta famille, qu’Allah vous accorde sa miséricorde. Que ce mois béni renforce notre Foi et les liens avec ceux que nous aimons.

  5. mashallah all looks really great!
    Inshallah we can all make the most of this Ramadhan and may allah accept our fast from us ameen.

    hope you have a really good month of fasting ameen and ramadhan mubarak!

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