Ten Things for an hot early Summer

1. Frozen orange pieces instead of popsicles

2. Iced coffee for an afternoon energy kick

3. Wet sun caps for a cool head

4. A cool feet bath for a fresh feeling

5. Lots of salad and fruits to eat

6. Cold water with lemon slices

7. Bare feet walking to reconnect with the earth

8. River baths and many moments in nature

9. Sketching and reading in the shadow of a tree

10. Being thankful for a new summer to come, Alhamdulillah!

I do not have a lot to say these days – The weather is hot and work at school is still huge.

But I wish you blessed early summer days full of fun, laughter and innocent childish play.

May Peace be with you!


4 thoughts on “Ten Things for an hot early Summer

  1. I have been missing your lovely words Itto! But I see all is fine with you, you are busy but also enjoying the new season. All the best dear!

  2. How I wish I could do Point No. 8. But until now I found it impossible to discover a little green oasis to go to with the girls.
    Will you provide some tipps for the upcoming month of Ramadhan? I`m very much afraid of it, because it will be the first time for me fasting in the searing heat of the “red city”.

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