Alhamdulillah, these days, in the midst of endless work, I am incredibly thankful for so many blessings, subhanallah.
And at the moment I am especially grateful for those things:


…for our beautiful garden with flowers in blossom and some green grass to relax on after a long day of school.

…for the blessing of clear and fresh water and for having enough of it in our well to even entertain a garden in this dry neighbourhood of ours, subhanallah!

… for the young woman who wonderfully cleans my house, makes my laundry and sometimes prepares even lunch for us, which feels like luxury and a great gift after finishing work at school.

… for old and new friends in Switzerland who are so motivated to continually support the “école vivante”, alhamdulilah, thank you all so much!

… for lovely girl-friends who always lend me an open ear, an encouraging advice, a helpful hand and the feeling of being loved and accepted as the person I am.

… for my children and husband and for being part of that crazy little family, subhanallah, Allahu akbar!

… for the blessing of living in peace.

… for having enough of all we really need.

… for the many meaningful things we have to do, alhamdulillah!

… for finding guidance in worship and faith, alhamdulillah.


What are you thankful for today?

Happy blessed Friday!



3 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. alhamdulillah, we really do have a rich life, thank God! may he never let us become unthankful, this would be one of our greatest failures. thanks Itto for such lovely words.
    salamualaikum an see you inschaAllah!

  2. subhanallah…life sometimes just gets so busy that we do sometimes forget what allah talla has blessed us with.
    It’s so true that there is so much in this life to be thankful for!
    thank you for the beautiful reminder!

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