Images of an active School

« To teach a young person doesn’t mean to fill an empty bucket, but it means to lighten a fire. » (Aristotle)


If it is quiet on this blog, this means that life in reality is very busy.
I am these days especially occupied with the school, with practical weeks, with new changes, with lots of thoughts on structure, teaching and pedagogy but also with private life, our garden and other projects, alhamdulillah.
Time for writing here is rare, so I send you greetings of peace with these images from our very lively, very busy, fulfilling, creative, innovative and sometimes also challenging school-life at the “école vivante” where learning happens everywhere.


Favourite books that inspire an alternative approach on education:

Rahima Baldwin Dancy: “You are your child’s first teacher”

Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn: “Everyday Blessings” / “Mit Kindern wachsen”

Naomi Aldort: “Raising our children, raising ourselves” / “Von der Erziehung zur Einfühlung”

Rebeca Wild: “ Erziehung zum Sein”

Rebeca Wild: “ Kinder im Pesta”

Rebeca Wild: “ Sein zum Erziehen”

Rebeca Wild: “ Freiheit und Grenzen, Liebe und Respekt“

Rebeca Wild: “Raising Curious, creative, confident kids”

Mary Griffith: “The unschooling handbook”

Barbara J. Patterson: “Beyond the Rainbow bridge”

A.S. Neill: “Summerhill, a radical approach to child rearing” / “Summerhill”

Jürgen Reichen: “Hannah hat Kino im Kopf”

Lucy Calkins: “Raising lifelong learners”

Stefanie Mohsine: “Schulfrei”

John Holt : “How children learn”/ “How children fail”



9 thoughts on “Images of an active School

  1. How nice to read you Itto and to see things are going well for you and for the school.
    Your photos are absolutely beautiful and give us a chance to see a bit more about your life, your projects and ideas with the children. I keep you all in my prayers and wish you a lovely evening and many more blessings.
    Take care. Marie

  2. Salamu Alaikum,

    die Zeit, wie Du sie verbringst könnte nicht besser genutzt werden, wenn ich die Bilder sehe, freue ich mich für die Kinder, dass sie die Möglichkeit haben, unter soch schönen Bedingungen zu lernen, Allahumma barik.
    Möge Allah viel Barakah in diese Arbeit legen.

    Liebe Grüße

  3. Salam alaykom dear Itto,
    I love all that you are doing masha Allah. So proud of you and the school and all that Allah has granted you to achieve. May Allah continue to open doors for these children.
    With love,

  4. maschaAllah wa tabarakallah I wish I could join you with my chilren! I love to see the beautiful environment..full of love, imagination and joy. thanks for all the book tips!

  5. maschaAllah wa tabarakallah! I wish I could join you wit my children! everything looks so full of imagination, love and joy!I think its really a gift for every single child to have the chance to attend just a good school in morocco! thanks for all the book tips!

  6. salamualaikum dear Itto! your school is so full of love and surrounded by such an inspiring environment…may He bless all your children and helpers! I wish I could send my children to your school… (habe leider im moment Probleme mit dem kommentieren und bestimmt schon 5x versucht einen kommentar zu hinerlassen..bisher ohne erfolg, ich hoffe es klappt dieses mal!)
    alles Liebe!

  7. Dear itto, I m now in Morocco, wish I could come and visit your wonderfull school. Jenmun, ooh I wish we could live there and send our children to itto and support Itto. You guys would be a great team mashallah!!

    Allah 3aounkoum!


  8. Assalamu alaikum. If I´d been a little girl I´d liked to go to your school. So lovely pictures! I hope I´ll find a place like this for my family. It looks so peaceful…

    enim sou

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