the “R”-times – a spring clean


We have spring vacations, alhamdulillah.
Time for a spring clean of house, body and soul.

I call it the “R”-times, because there are a lot of “R’s” in these days.
There is now…

… time to reflect, to recall and to remember,

time to recognize, to rejoice and to relax,
time to recover, to respire and to refresh,
time to remake, to research, to revise and to remind,
time to redecorate, to remove, to repair and to renew,

time to restrain, to regain and to resume,
time to revive and then to return, inchaallah.


Happy R-times dear friends, may Allah guide you and bless you in abundance!



2 thoughts on “the “R”-times – a spring clean

  1. Liebe Itto, ich wünsche Dir vertrauens-, energievolles “R-en” und Geduld und Nachsicht, liebevolle Zuwendung vor allem Dir selbst gegenüber. Sehe einen Hausplan und Innendekorhefter – danke für den Einblick. sei herzlich gegrüsst Brigitte

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