I love you…

… for the sake of Allah.
This might be the most noble expression and feeling of love towards another person and can be as such an act of worship itself.

To love someone, not out of worldly or personal interest, not out of hormonal influence or temporary attraction, but simply for the sake of Allah, might be the most respectful kind of love in general.
Love for the sake of Allah can manifest itself in lots of different ways and many scholars have already written about it: such as the believer who loves prophet Mohammed (sas) and all the other prophets before him, or as the mother who loves her child, or as a child who loves her parents, or as a neighbour who loves his neighbours – because it is granted or ordered by Allah to show mercy and respect towards all of them.

There is a lot to say about it but what I want to point out today is the love towards someone we are not familiarly related to, for example a sister or a brother in faith – a kind of love which I didn’t knew until I came to Islam, alhamdulillah.

To love another person because we love her for Allah’s will and because the person shows devoted religious commitment is a love that comes deep from the heart and it is a love that witnesses a persons longings to gain only Allah’s pleasure. This love excuses faults and shortcomings; it neglects worldly differences and focuses only on the essence of our being: on our pure soul and the good intentions behind what we do.

It is a pure, sincere and innocent kind of love. It is a love that makes us wishing the best for the other person, a love that makes us pray for that person and makes us in the same time wanting to better ourselves.

Often this kind of love reaches people we are not close to or do not even know:

How often have I been walking on the street, glancing at a woman who is properly dressed, wearing modest clothing and hijab or acting in a lovely way through which she reminded me of Allah and of Islam, subhanallah, so she attracted my attention and made me send a silent dua’ of love and protection (a little prayer) towards her.

How often do I feel this kind of love for someone, I do not even see, but who recites the qur’an in such a beautiful way that it makes me crying.
How often do I feel this love for someone who makes me strive to better myself in the deen (faith), simply by passing that person, by recognizing a modest gesture, by hearing the saying of a noble word or by other acts that show sincere piety and the obvious striving to follow Allah’s commands and the sunnah of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him).

And how often do I feel this deep and strong kind of love when I meet a dear friend and sister in Islam who shares some knowledge or reminds me of Allah, of our dear prophet (sas) and about sincerity in faith.
How deep is this love when felt towards someone with whom I was lucky to spend meaningful hours in serious conversation, feeling refreshed and religiously motivated afterwards, knowing that Allah was with us, subhanallah.
Then this person is in my heart for a long time, constantly named in my prayers, when I supplicate to Allah that He may be merciful towards her, grant her His pleasure and accept her and my good intentions.

Sometimes I feel this love also for people who are not Muslims themselves, people I know very well, like friends or family.
Then I feel a deep human love and a sincere wish that that person would become a sister or brother in faith, to deepen our relation and to put it onto higher levels, to share the same values also in faith and in this most important aspect of life.

Then I pray and wish that that person would eventually taste the sweetness of real sisterhood, that she would be able to feel the deep confidence and sincerity between friends who are also sisters in faith, and see the beauty of Islam and all the blessings within it…

Ya rabbi, I pray that the Muslim ummah may be united in peace and always taste that sweetness and the blessings of real brotherhood and sincere love for His sake. And I pray that all the people we love and respect would share the same beliefs and the same intentions for His will, so that we all could be united in His name and with the aim to gain only His pleasure.

“If any of you loves his bother then he should inform him” (Tirmidhi)

Ana uhebbuki fi Allah – I love you for the sake of Allah! May He guide us all, accept our good deeds and shower us with His mercy here and in the hereafter. Ameen.


16 thoughts on “I love you…

  1. Beautifully written, my dear Itto. And I truly love ya too, may He bestow you with His sublime love as much as you love me, and beyond. And Ameen to your duaa. Xoxo Tasneem and family.

  2. Salaam aleikum Itto,
    thank you for your love, for sharing openly. Hardworking mothers, patient wives, enduring and striving in our daily tasks and spiritual devotions…it’s so important to say those words to each other…It warms my heart, bring tears to my eyes, gives me more faith and more love to start my day. There is a love shared in sisterhood that cannot quite be compared to other kinds of love. This feeling of loneliness suddenly becomes less, there is a bond connecting us all, sisters in this path of light.
    Fatimah Umm Adam

  3. It is easy to love the same, your own group – here, Muslims. Love others.
    It is easy to love friends, love enemies.
    It is easy to love properly, according to you, dressed women, love not properly dressed.

    Just think about it.

  4. Salaam alaikum,
    I love this post and it came at a really difficult time, so thanks. I totally have shared this feeling…and within appropriate measures it is incumbant upon us to show our love to those whom we love!
    I have heard an especially deep saying from a Sufi sheikh that I really love:

    “Start learning to love God by loving the one whom you cannot”

  5. salam alekoum, may peace be with you all!
    dear sb.
    thank you for that important reminder!
    it’s right that tolerance, respect and sympathy towards others (strangers, non-Muslims, even enemies) should play a big role in every humans behaviour and it is a huge part of the subject of love in Islam and it is also the sunnah of our prophet (sas).
    so thank you again for bringing up this topic and reminding us of this important act of worship.
    salaams, xxx itto

  6. assalamu aleikum wua rahmatullahi wua barakatu – well dear sb. You are so right, that is, what we shall always do. That is the measure Allah gave us in koran and sunna, that he is going to use at the day of resorection, that is, what Mohammed sas always reminded us to do and to be aware of. From the islamic point of view no one of us is a good human beeing nor a muslim at all, as long as he does not ask himself to do so from morning to the evening.
    So Muslims f.e. directly think about the harsch words Allah directed at his prophet even in the holy koran, for Mohammed sas tried once to teach the wealthy ones instead of the asking blind man.One could say, it was just once and a small fault compared to all the kindness, that we see in all the other deads of prophet Mohammed sas. But – Allah critizied him in his holy book – so the critik will be read again and again from each of us koran-reading muslims and other people taking the book in her hands, to read in. What a hard kind of punishment….

    But: don t you think, that Itto s school projekt in the deepest mountains, in the middle of hard poorness (even some of the people there of course have as well some wealth) and surroundet of a lot of people, who did never had the chance for at least the minimum of education, shows us, that Itto at least tries to love exactly like you ask her to do?

    Imagine how overwelmed she feels, when sometimes – like twice within a half year – she gets the chance to go out of her duties in the village to the 5 hours far away town for doctorvisite, and than oversudden relalizes how wonderfull it is, that there is even a different kind love in her. This feeling overcomes her in town so strongly. Love for people, who feel the same for her religion as she does. Village people do have another way to show belive, than we townpeople are used to.

    Did you ever think about, that Itto lives kind of rich but lone life out there – where people do not share her interests, but she shares the interests of them. That kind of giving love, sometimes needs an inflowing overwelming different love – like f.e. for the sake of Allah – to be filled up, to be kept fresh and alive. Please do not blame her for that little change and pleasure. There ist nothing ignorant in it, as I feel.

    Did you think about, that her youngest child ist nearly completely deaf, needs medical suppose for that. That child normally would need town surronding to find those specialized teachers for her and her family, to give this child exactly those wings that Itto wants to offer the people of the village with her little school. Isn t that the moment, when most of us latestly would have packed and told the others: “well I prepared a lot for you – so make something of this chance?” knowing, that everything would immediately brake down – but we could give our beloved child everything, that we would love to offer her….. Well Itto did not, for she would not let those people whom she loves even or because of beeing so different, poor and sometimes with a lot of lacks in knowlegde, that we are so used to, but rich in hope and hospitality, in traditions and colours, aware how to live in this harsh nature and to make everything needed grow, without disturbing the nature.

    So maybe you could just pack your really important reminder in some smoothy words, that Itto not over sudden misunderstands them and might feel as if we, her readers, do not see, how much she tries to make her best – even, when so far she did not even find enough people spending money for that school. …. Let each of us think about a possiblitiy to spend each a small amount each month, that those children will not lose their school one day, because of us, not loving them.

    assalamu aleikum wua rahmatullahi wua barakatu

  7. Wow, you already gave your answer in the time, I was still surching for the english expressions – and you found so much nicer once. Alhamdulillah – I should have known, that someone with your force will not missunderstand but understand the right advice given from s.b.. May Allah bless you and your family and your project and give all of us tenderness toward each other.

  8. Wonderful message Itto and words that simply explain to me a concept I could never fully understand “Love for the sake of Allah”.
    Stay blessed for sharing your thoughts and for your kindness. My best wishes to you and your family.

  9. assalam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh dear sister itto,
    uhibbuki fillah! may Allah continue to bless you and your family with all the khair, and may The One for whom you love me love you too. ameen!

    aishah umm adam

  10. assalamu alaikum warahmathullah wabarakathuhu dear sis,
    Ameen to your dua.
    beautiful ane enlightening post.
    jazakallah khair

  11. I love you, sister.
    You’re really gifted to live the best life (far) in the best spot (within the reach of Allah) with the best people (with loving husband and children) doing the best job (voluntary teaching the really needed).
    Respects and go ahead.

  12. Dear sister,

    I do not know you, but know that I truly love you for the sake of Allah(swt) the most loving.

    Yesterday, I came across your blog and read this one entry, and today I was granted by His(swt) infinite mercy the opportunity to experience this with both a Muslim and a non-Muslim, upon which your words came to mind.

    May Allah(swt) reward you and your family, and make things which are difficult for you easy and a mercy in this world and the next.

    I wish to have great imaan as you. MashaAllah.

    Salaam Alaikum

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