We finally had some snow, subhanallah. The nights are very very cold here, almost like living in a freezer, because not all of our rooms are heated. In the morning the windows are covered by a layer of ice and we usually have no water until midday, because tubes are frozen. During snow storms sometimes electricity goes and nature shows its rough side.

But now the sunrays warm again and during day everything melts – being outdoors is then nearly warmer than staying inside…

I love winter; I love the innocent layer of white that covers everything. I love when nature seems to fall asleep under an icy blanket to gain new energy for the coming season of spring. It is as if we, as human beings, get then also the permission to take things on a slower pace, to focus on our homes and our souls, to plan for the coming seasons, to become calm and centred. Alhamdulillah.

I wish you a blessed warm Friday
and leave you with my actual list of books I currently read:

Sepp Holzer “Wo ein Wille da ein Weg” („the rebel farmer“)
Maria Treben „Gesundheit aus der Apotheke Gottes“ („Health from God’s Garden“)
Wolf-Dieter Storl „Mit Pflanzen verbunden“ (Culture and Horticulture“)


4 thoughts on “icy

  1. Eis an den Scheiben und der Putzeimer!!:)…es scheint ordentlich kalt zu sein bei euch!;) Ich wünsche dir viele Warme und ruhige, nach innen kehrende Momente! Maria Trebens “Gesundheit aus der Apoteke Gottes” war einst ein Geschenk meines Vaters, ein wunderschönes wertvolles Buch!

  2. Yeah, I feel like we shouldn’t do much in winter, but unfortunately we’ve lost that wisdom of following the seasons. My body is telling me to just curl up and be kind to it, and yet the days are just as busy as ever. Much love to you up in your mountain village, your blog posts are always so deeply peaceful and beautiful.

  3. Assalaamanu alikum sister,

    I can smell the smell of frost and snow. After reading this post I almost saw pictured in front of me my memories of winter days I spent in a little farm house back in the Czech Republic. Oftentimes the first thing I had to do in the morning was to brave the frost outside my bed, put on the freezing clothes and go outside to chop up wood for the fire (if I used up all the yesterday’s the previous evening) Alhamdulillah. You reminded me of that beauty, of the pure smell of freezing air. I have recently read another post glorifying winter on a friend’s new blog http://ourgardenwithin.wordpress.com/author/ourgardenwithin/, Mashallah.
    Thank you for another post filled with tranquility, your words often fill me with gratitude, Barakallahufik.


  4. AA Itto,

    I also love winter……I love “hibernating”….and love to be snowed in…yes, it does make me slow down Al-Humdulillah it makes me appreciate all the treasures in my house……and truly enjoy the company of all my winter friends……the woodpeckers, cardinals,wrens chickadees.
    My dh and I are driving down the Pacific Coastal highway..so avoiding a few weeks of East coast, winter weather.Breathtaking Ocean views……..magnificent Redwoods…..honestly tears came to my eyes when I saw them(Redwoods) again, today.They have seen so many winters come and go and are still standing strong.SubhanAllah.

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