Life is busy here, with the preparation of school exams, the caring for some sick family members, with business meetings (oh, I am learning so hard on how to lead a team, mashaallah), with the usual housework and some future planning.
But, subhanallah, I am regaining energy through little mundane things. Sometimes simply rejoicing at the beauty of little details in the everyday brings me so much peace and new motivation: enjoying how some beautiful sunlight falls onto the table, admiring the perfect shape of a mandarin’s peel, feeling the warmth of a fire, watching little birds in front of the windows, relaxing on cosy cushions in comforting colours while glancing through old interior design magazines, seeing the clouds getting greyer and hoping for some snow to come…

I Hope you find lots of comfort and peace in your everyday!
Happy cosy winter-weekend, friends!



8 thoughts on “busyworkblessings

  1. How beautiful the sun shines on the table – I love the room of the first picture very much – the windows, the colours… mashaALLAH.
    AlhamduliLLAH, me too, I find always beautiful things and peace in our everyday life such as reading the little wise sayings written at the teabags of my every morning tea.

    Blessed friday to you and your dears wa salam alaikum, enim sou.

  2. Assalaamu alaikum sister,

    Mashallah, you really have a beautiful house. And knowing that you designed it yourself must be giving the word ‘home’ even deeper meaning. I wish you peace of mind in coping with all that blessed work you are doing and hope that all the exams which are not of the most cherished parts of learning go as smooth as possible. May Allah keep you all close to him.
    Love and Salams

  3. Liebe Itto und Familie

    auch Euch von Herzen ein friedvolles, schlafreiches, Erkältungsfreies Wochenende. Liebe Grüsse aus Marrakech und danke für die immer wieder wunderbaren “Lebens-Denkanstösse”. Euch allen eine erfolgserlebnisreiche Examenszeit. Brigitte & Familie

  4. I come back from a week in Egypt and all these simple moments you talk about relate to me, there is such peace in simple things.
    What a wonderful home you have, may Allah bring peace to your busy days and help you in this period of exams that is never easy for anybody.
    Have a blessed day!

  5. salamualaikum Itto,
    ich könnte mir die Sonnenstrahlen so von den Bildern einverleiben;) beautiful sunrays, I miss those warm and peaceful moments but there are alhamdulillah some moments to rest and savor. yazakiallahu khair for this beautiful post!may there be a lot of those moments for you and much power to grow for all your tasks and I hope you are all doing well now!tahuur inschaAllah.

  6. As Salam Alaykoum
    I can feel peace and sweetness in each pictures and words of your post. I like so much your blog !
    Happy winter to you and your family too…

  7. AA Itto,

    Lovely post and sweet reminder in finding pleasure in everything that Allah(swt) gifts us with. I have been sitting in a hotel room for four days now..while my dh is attending a conference. I made a conscious decision to be content with all the quiet moments……life really takes on a lovely sparkle when one finds pleasure in the mundane……….your post gave me a boost.:)JAK!!!!

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