‘Id moubarak saïd!




5 thoughts on “‘Id moubarak saïd!

  1. Eidkum mubarak my dearest sister. I don’t get enough time to comment these days, but I continue to follow your beautiful days which seem to be so ful of barakaat masha’allah… Insha’allah you had a blessed day full of love and hapiness..

  2. MashaALlah habibti, did the kids make the mosque cookies? So adorable mashaAllah. Fatemah;s hearing isnt any better, they want her to go in a few weeks for a sedated hearing test where she will be asleep and they will have probes on her scalp to track her brainwaves whenever she hears sounds – at least I think that is how it works. Also alhamdulillah, after VEP testing, we found out that not only does she have double vision, but also poor depth preception and they cannot fix that subhanAllah. Only Allah can give her shiffa and Alhamduliillah for everything. InshaAllah you and your family had a wonderful Eid and you have a blessed year to follow.

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