Simply Couscous and a Reminder


(last picture: Coucous from last week, taken by our Swiss friends)  

Take Time
by Author Unknown

TAKE TIME to think;
it is the source of power.

TAKE TIME to read;
it is the foundation of wisdom.

TAKE TIME to play;
it is the secret of staying young.

TAKE TIME to be quiet;
it is the moment to seek God.

TAKE TIME to be aware;
it is the opportunity to help others.

TAKE TIME to love and be loved;
it is God’s greatest gift.

TAKE TIME to laugh;
it is the music of the soul.

TAKE TIME to be friendly;
it is the road to happiness.

TAKE TIME to dream;
it is what the future is made of.

TAKE TIME to pray;
it is the greatest power on earth.

At the moment it feels as if I have no time.
It feels as if I am seeking with a magnifying glass some tiny bits of extra time in the midst of a big pile of things to do, while trying to balance all the many needs and duties in our everyday, mashaallah. 

I wish you a blessed peaceful Friday! And some time… inchaallah.



4 thoughts on “Simply Couscous and a Reminder

  1. salamualaikum Itto,
    yazakiallahu khair and thanks for this beautiful reminder!. That´s always my “subject” ..time..
    and I wish you as well

    ps: I love couscous;)

  2. I love couscous, it’s definitely one of my favourite dish!
    Lovely reminder – we often rush when the only thing we should do is look around and take time, it makes such a difference.

    Hope all is well for you and your family. Have a lovely day!

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