Golden Autumn Bliss



8 thoughts on “Golden Autumn Bliss

  1. Yum!!! Yum!!!!I only eat corn roasted like that when I am in Egypt.. I suppose I could roast it in my own backyard….but it wouldn’t taste the same. The Cairo streets..with all that dust/dirt etc,etc….. make it extra yummy!!!!Love the photos with those sweet little hands.

  2. Salam sis Itto,

    A friend and I might be planning a trip to Morocco this december. I would like to know more about the best places to visit and hopefully, drop by to see you as well insya’allah. Let me know what is the weather like the end of the year? Wait for my email:)

  3. As-salaam ‘alaykum sister Itto,

    what a beautiful picture of berries you took, masha Allah. The colours look amazing against the blue table.

  4. salamualaikum liebe Itto,

    es ist schon über ein Jahr her dass ich deinen Blog “gefunden” habe und ich bin immer noch sehr glücklich darüber alhamdulillah;) Und ebenso vor etwa einem Jahr hab ich mich über den Anblick dieser leckeren Maiskolben gefreut und gewünscht ich wäre in Marokko, wie auch jetzt..
    Ich schicke dir ganz liebe Grüße und hoffe dass ich es bald mal wieder schaffe dir zu schreiben:)

  5. salaam alaikum habibti, I know I havent posted much but with all my daughters appointments and my college, I have lost myself 😦 alhamdulillah. Anyway, I wanted to update you, on dd’s latest hearing test. The best they could get for one ear is mild hearing loss, the best they could get for her other ear is severe hearing loss alhamdulillah. She has to go for a follow up but they are thinking she will need hearing aids and/or implant. She has to be retested again and some follow up needs to be done inshaAllah. Other than that, I hope you had a wonderful ‘Id and are looking forward to the next one! Fi aman Allah.

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