Garden Notes


It’s the first year we have set a real garden in front of our house. And now, with entering autumn’s season, most of the harvest is already done. It was such a blessing to have every day: fresh basil, tomatoes, salad, fennel, potatoes, onions, carrots, peaches, mint, beetroot, dill and other things right at hand.
Where in the past sand and dust were lying on the ground, there grew this year herbs, vegetables, fruits and lovely flowers, alhamdulilah!
I do not have as much as time as I wished to care for these little fields and we are not proficient gardeners at all, we are still learning a lot. Some of the fruits didn’t grow very well and I still don’t know when it’s the best time to pick some of the things and how to get them out of the earth best…
But even though, it is a blessing to have a garden. It is such a blessing to see how something beautiful, edible and healthy grows out of grey dirt, with the help of some water, nice treatment and the mercy of Allah, subhanallah oua taala. 
During the holidays and in the free time we have now, I love to spend moments in the garden, to fill up my batteries, alone and with the children: picking out something here, or a flower there, digging in earth, smelling mother nature, working by hand and enjoying.
I am thankful for the gift of calling some piece of lands “ours”, to care for it and to enjoy what it offers.

It is a blessing to see something growing which you planted yourself, even if it is just a herbal pot on your window.

For the work with children, I recommend the garden-books of Lena Anderson and Christina Björk. They are lovely written and very nicely drawn, and simply perfect to learn more about nature and gardening/ window-gardening.



5 thoughts on “Garden Notes

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Great results for a first try. Those tomatoes look perfect and the peaches too…and what a lovely rose, masha Allah. Maybe ask the people around you for advice..they are more familiar with that land of course.

  2. salaam alaikum dear Itto,
    I love your garden post : )
    We do a bit of the same here in seattle and with the children it
    is the most fulfillng experiences that i have!
    they would agree………..alas, our sunflowers never made it past seed : (
    just a little note, i think you meant “recharge my batteries” or just “recharge myself”
    xo valerie

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