Back to school’11


Here’s busy with last preparations for the beginning of a new school year: building, cleaning, and painting, sorting out, planning and making everything ready for our students, a new teacher and ten new children, mashallah.

It’s a big amount to do, a huge responsibility but also a whole lot of excitement, alhamdulillah.

This project still needs your support!  
So please, check-out our website for more information and about how to help us.
Thank you so much!



7 thoughts on “Back to school’11

  1. Great to hear some news on the new school – Surely you are busy but it is so worth it! May God bless you with a wonderful school year.
    All the best.

  2. May Allah make it plain sailing for you and may He bring a lot of goodness out of it for everyone involved. I know you must be very busy, but I would so love to hear more about the schools methodology. I would also love it for my daughter to be able to join the school, it seems to be such a lovely place to be. May Allah bless you Itto and bring all of you success.

  3. Salamualaikum Itto!

    Ich wünsche euch einen schönen Schulstart und möge es ein erfolgreiches Jahr werden! Die Bilder sind wunderschön und gern würd ich meine Kinder bei dir einschulen;)


  4. How exciting! Being a teacher myself i know only to well the excitement of returning to school, a new term, the smell of fresh books and newly painted walls. Im so happy for you and would love to visit your school. May Allaah swt grant you a prosperous year, full of success, opportunities and happy fulfilled children aameen
    bint Ahmed

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