Ramadan 10th and some Thanks


Salamou aleikoum friends,

Mashaallah, I am really overwhelmed by your reaction to my last post. Subhanallah and Praise to God. Thank you so much for all the positive feedback and encouragement.
I feel blessed and I wanted to name and thank again all the people who made this project possible:
especially my dear husband and our Swiss friends; but also our wonderful teacher Rachida; Fatima and Samira; SiOmar the school-Imam; all the school-children and their parents; the community and the government; our circle of friends in France and Germany; Gunhild who realized the school-website and all the donators and people who support us by money, materials and good thoughts.

May Allah bless and guide us all, may he accept our good intentions and shower us with His mercy. Ameen.

Today is Ramadan the 10th here in Morocco; a third of the month is already over – time for a little update:
– read 16 hizb of the qu’ran (still behind the norm);
– fasted all days, alhamdulliah, as Allah made it easy even in the heat of 44°C when we’ve been in Marrakech;
– drinking more and eating less on ftour and suhoor (fruit shakes, water, tea and some coffee);
– intending to increase my Iman (faith), inchaAllah;
– realizing that I enjoy Ramadan every year from new: the different rhythm of the days, the spirituality to be felt everywhere, seeing masses of people going to the mosque in the evenings, the patience of the believers, and the common goal to only please Allah. alhamdulillah!



4 thoughts on “Ramadan 10th and some Thanks

  1. salaam alaikum chere itto!
    Since I read about your lovely school: Ecole Vivante I have visited its webpage several times. For me three words come to mind about it and you:
    Shifting the Paradigm.
    Thanks for showing us that yes it can be done, and here is how one humble person on earth is doing it.
    Yes, count me in…..
    blessings to you and yours during this lovely ramadan!

  2. Itto,

    Glad to read you and to see Ramadan is going well. Time is flying and I don’t realise we are already at the 3rd of this blessed month. Thought I am not Muslim, I have decided to fast with my husband this year and it’s a brand new world that opens in front of me. But I am sure Ramadan in a Muslim country is far different.
    Again thanks and all the best for your school project, I too went to visit the website as soon as I read about it, I think you are a true blessing for your village, your family, the children and for us all – you are showing us we can all make a step toward change.
    Sending my wishes to you and your family and a special hug to your little princess. take care.

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