Ramadan moubarak!


Salaam aleikoum friends,

Thank you so very much for your compassionate comments, gentle thoughts and abundant prayers to my last post which touched me deeply – ameen to all of them.
I will continue to share our silent journey with you and I am very thankful for your supportive words and some contacts I already made, alhamdulillah.

But today, as life goes on, we focus on something different: the blessed month of fasting.
Tomorrow Ramadan will begin in Morocco, inchaallah, and we still have some things to prepare: cleaning up, making a to-do –list for daily tasks and meal plan (with lots of freshs from the garden and homemade ice cream), sorting out books for this month, baking, finishing the Ramadan calendar…
(if you need more ideas on it, please look on the left side-bar under “current inspiration” or browse my “Ramadan”-category from the last years)

I wish you all a very blessed month, full of Allah’s mercy and guidance.
I wish you a sincere nia’ (intention), a growing Iman (faith) and in the end His acceptance for all of your good deeds. Ameen.
Ramadan moubarak! 1432.


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