The sound of Silence


How does water sound? What’s the singing of a bird? Is the falling of snow loud?

After more than a year of suppositions and questions, after long months of medical appointments and examinations, after putting ear tubes in and cutting adenoids out, and after several audiometric tests we know now for sure that our little girl is deaf.
She is seriously hearing impaired on both ears: one highly impaired, and one medium; her audible range is very limited to only heavy sounds.

Mashaallah. I know now what I always feared: she does not hear my voice – in fact, she never did. It takes time to realize the diagnosis with all its long term impact. All is very new to us.
I am reading and learning a lot at the moment and getting in contact with others. Alhamdulillah. We wait now that our girl gets her hearing aids, although we know that they will not make all good.
We will have to learn sign language to make communication deeper and easier for her and for us.
We will have to teach ourselves through professional speech trainers and we will have to focus on a whole new world and all its meanings: the world of silence.

I am thankful to have the chance to get information from everywhere. I am thankful for the advice from several doctors we met in Moroccoand Europe. I am thankful for the detailed diagnosis we finally got. I am thankful for the support we get from family and friends. I am thankful to see that there is very good and professional medical help in this country. And I am thankful that we have the possibilities to afford it. Alhamdulillah.

I know, Allah is the best of all planners. I know that He does not burden us with more than we could bear. And I know, He holds something better in everything we take with patience and deep faith.
Allahu akbar. I trust in Him. And I am thankful for what we have. Subhanallah.

We are ready to grow, to learn and to share this path with our little girl. She is so brave. Subhanallah. We are ready to make the best out of it, inchaallah.
And I would love to meet with others who have taken the same direction-  Happy to hear from you!

May peace be with you all!


24 thoughts on “The sound of Silence

  1. salamualaikum Itto,

    my Dua are with you, may Allah gives you (all) power and patience..

    …ich wünsche euch, dass ihr als Familie damit wachst und etwas wundervolles aus dieser Prüfung macht…und daran habe ich keinen Zweifel!;) “mit Erschwernis kommt Erleichterung”..

    alles liebe und salamualaikum

  2. What a challenging time this must be for you…It sounds like you are embracing it as best you can, and I’m sure that your daughter will hugely benefit from your positive attitude about the whole thing. I’ve always been fascinated with sign language. I’m sure this will open up whole new communities of people to bond with. Best of luck to you as you learn how to help her communicate in her own way.

  3. peaceliving said everything I wanted to say….I hope you will continue to share some of the silent journey with us inshallah so we will all learn…there is a lot of good in this as well mashallah…duas for you and your family …

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum dear Ukhtee

    Subhanallaah la hawla walaa quwwata Illaa billaah! Allaah is indeed merciful and does not give more than anyone can bear and I see His Marcy subhanallaah that He has chosen you as a mother to your little girl so that her world will be silent but still bright and colourful with full of feelings and happiness Insha Allaah where she will be taught silently to worship her Lord with gratitude, as I can see you will make it happen that way with the grace and mercy of Allaah through His guidance Insha Allaah!

  5. Liebe Itto,
    nach langer Zeit wieder einmal ein Zeichen von mir … dir, deiner Familie und deinem kleinen Mädchen wünsche ich Zuversicht für den Weg, den ihr miteinander gehen werdet! Ich zweifle keine Minute daran, dass du das Beste daraus machen wirst, und dass du und deine Lieben an dieser Herausforderung wachsen werdet! Gott (oder wer auch immer) wird schon einen Sinn in diese Aufgabe gelegt haben, der euch allen zum Segen wird…
    Sei getrost!
    Herzlich grüsst

  6. Salaam alaikum uhkti, my daughter has many medical issues, including hearing issues as well. She just turned 2 and is starting to sign alhamdulillah. Allah make it easy for your family, and remember He only gives what is khair. You can read about my daughter and her medical journey on my site here

    click on the tab at the top “my daughter, fatemah”

    inshaAllah I hear from you soon, take care habibti

  7. Assalamu alaikum, Dearest Itto and family,
    May Allah Ta’ala guide you all as you embrace what He has decreed as being the best for your journey to Him. I recently was blessed to be among a group of deaf brothers and sisters who had been invited for Umrah, Masha’Allah such a noble group of people. So eager to learn, joyous dispositions. There was a calm gentleness that pervaded them. This is the website that arranges these visits
    and another that may be of assistance
    Insha’Allah your precious little girl, with all the love and support around her grows with confidence and faith,
    Wassalamu alaikum

  8. salaam alaikum uhkti, here is something to consider insha’Allah…. she can still smell the fresh dampness of the rain when it falls, see the lightning when it hits and feel the warm rain dripping down her face as she stares in wonder at the brillliant stars so far away. She can run with her brothers/sisters through the fields with sparklers on Eid night, as the children in their bright coloured clothes fly by, she can see the happiness on her parents faces when she lights up a room with her beautiful smile mashaAllah and when all this fails in its entirety to cheer you up, always remember that Allah subhana wa tala loves your daughter more then you ever could and would not give her something that is not khair for her. Allah make it easy for your family and bless you all this ramadhan… email me if you would like to talk inshaAllah…


  9. Assalamualaikum sis itto,
    May Allah give you strength and wisdom in this. Your daughter will be a great learning journey and reminder to you and to us all. Blessed Ramadhan to you and your family. Love you and big hug:)

    Huda Lee

  10. AA dear Itto,

    I can’t add more than what has been said in all the lovely coments. May Allah(swt) give you patience and guide you to what is best for your dear little girl. I want to wish you and your family and all your readers a blessed Ramadan. iA

  11. Sometime God brings things to us we would have never expected would happen. But it is always for the best. I am sure you are starting on a new journey with your little princess which will take you to a wonderful place. I have always been attracted by sign language – I know you will do good and be there always, that every one of her smile will remind you the blessings of Allah.

    Praying for you – May Allah gives you courage, peace, strength and lots of love for the road.
    Happy Ramadan to you and your family!

  12. Assalaamu Alaykum dearest Itto,

    May Allah bless you with continued strength, patience and the positivity you always seem to create and inspire me with, in dealing with all He has put in your path. Yes, you have a truly brave little one there ma sha Allah. Perhaps she gets it from her brave mama!


  13. asalaamalaikum dear sister, a dear friend of mine pointed me here to your blog. please email me as I don’t read blogs often. but I’d like to discuss with you, I have a daughter who wears two cochlear implants &work with families as an advocate for their children with all sorts of issues- as an occupational therapist. would love to hear from you. may Allah facilitate ease and bless your family this ramadan.

  14. Chère Itto, je sais que ta fille est une perle, précieuse et rare. Unique de par ce qu’elle est et ce qu’elle va devenir. Je sais qu’elle a la chance d’être entourée d’une famille aimante et disponible, de parents brillants qui s’adapteront avec intellegence et succès à leur nouveau rôle et aideront leur fille à trouver les clefs pour sortir du monde du silence… Je sais qu’elle pourra aussi prendre de l’énergie de ses deux grands frères, deux garçons forts et volontaires, qui sauront à la fois la protéger et la motiver, la pousser…
    J’embrasse ce petit trésor que j’ai eu la chance de porter dans mes bras sur chacunes de ses oreilles capricieuses et je lui chante une petite chanson, toute douce, pour qu’elle ressente le souffle de ma bouche et profite des chatouillements pour apprécier la chanson que je chante toujours à mes filles avant qu’elles ne s’endorment. Je suis loin de vous mais je suis juste à vos côtés, avec tout mon coeur.

  15. Hello! I read your blog often and marvel at the beauty that surrounds you. I feel deeply sorrowful for your realization that your daughter cannot hear. In that hardship, however, the more I think about it as time goes on, I realize that she is so very blessed to have you as her mother. You fill all her other senses with such beauty, and teach her to hear God- which is not something we do with our ears. I know her life will be filled with joy. I thank you for sharing even the difficult things with us.

  16. Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu dear sister, I been a follower of your blog for a long time and I have followed your journey like many of your readers and have so often marveled at your strength masha Allah tabaarakAllah.

    May Allah continue to bless you with Faith, strength and patience and may Allah give you little girl Sakeenah (Allah induced sense of tranquility). And Ameen to all the beautiful duaat made by all.

    Fe Amaanilla
    Umm Imaan

  17. Asalaamu’Alaikum Dear sister Itto,

    Like many others, I am a big admirer of the work you are doing for your community and for your family. You are a true inspiration even in the face of new challenges and hardship. May Allah (SWT) continue to bless you with special wisdom and give your family barakah. Your daughter, Mash’Allah, has a beautiful mother to walk with her in this journey. Your whole family is in our du’as.

  18. Liebe Itto,

    ich war sehr bestürzt als ich las, dass Eure Tochter taub ist. Doch als ich zu der Stelle kam, an der Du beschreibst, dass Du diese Situation nicht als Bürde empfindest sondern mehr als Möglichkeit zu lernen und zu wachsen, war mir leichter ums Herz. Denn ich weiß, dass Ihr den Weg mit Eurer Tochter gemeinsam gehen werdet und ihr die Hilfen und Mittel an die Hand geben werdet, mit der sie ihren eigenen Weg gehen kann.

    In diesem Sinne wünsche ich Euch ganz viel Kraft, Vertrauen und Mut und Liebe, um Euren Weg zu gehen.

    Eine dicke Umarmung von mir und die besten Wünsche von Urs

    ps: wir wünschen Euch einen gesegneten Ramadan

  19. Assalaamu alaikum liebe Itto,

    seit langem verfolge ich deinen Blog und wie vieler meiner VorrednerInnen schon sagten, ist das, was du hier machst etwas ganz Besonderes. Man spürt, dass eine Menge Liebe, Aufrichtigkeit und Gottesvertrauen in deinem Handeln steckt. Ich liebe es und könnte Stunden hier verbringen. Für den weiteren Weg mit eurem Engel wünsche ich euch alles Gute; möge Allah swt. euch diesen Weg erleichtern, möge Er swt. euch viele neue Wege zeigen und mögest du weiterhin deine Umgebung so reichlich beschenken.
    Schön, dass es dich gibt!
    Viele liebe Grüße nach Marokko.
    Serap Umm Ruqayya

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