Signs of an early Summer


We’re going into the final run towards the summer holidays, inchaallah.

It’s calm on the blogging side but busy in real life. There’s a lot to do with schoolwork and exams to prepare.

It’s incredible; almost a year is gone since we’ve opened the school, mashaallah.

I think soon it is time for an update about the project, but until then, I am working piles, and enjoying signs of an early summer in spare little moments of peace.

Wishing you a happy week, inchaallah! 



6 thoughts on “Signs of an early Summer

  1. The table and chairs are such an inviting scene, I love it! How I wish I could pop by for some Moroccan tea. We’re enjoying the end of the spring as well and looking forward to a warm and sunny summer in our own way. Wish you a successful end of school year and a relaxing Summer with your family.

  2. Great to hear some news. I wish I could fly to Morocco this minute and sit down around the fire.
    I imagine you are pretty busy with the school and happy to see everything is working well for you. Take care

  3. Hallo liebe Itto,

    oft, wenn ich Deinen Blog lese muss ich an die Filzarbeiten denken, die Du mit den Frauen des Dorfes gearbeitet hast und habe mich entschlossen, es ebenfalls mit unseren beiden Nichten auszuprobieren. Habe schon ein Buch gekauft und hoffe, eine ruhige Minute zu finden und es zu studieren.

    Liebe Grüße,

  4. Liebe Itto,
    wenn ich diese Bilder sehe, sehnt es mich nach Marokko! Alles sieht so schön einladend aus bei dir! Ich wünsche dir, dass du trotz viel Arbeit deine ruhigen Minuten findest!

  5. Love the boys in the stream photo!!! Looks like a lot of fun!!!! The mountains must be cool, lovely in the summer. Want to trade places?..lots of museums in DC….but also hot and humid!!!!
    iA you will have a wonderful, relaxing, cool and fun summer.

  6. Salam aleykum itto,

    I realy enjoy your blog and your simplicity of life.
    I’m planning to settle in Marrocco with my little family in the countyside to be in contact with nature in this beautiful country but I’m worried about security as my in-laws always tell me that a house (with garden etc) is realy not secure in Marrocco (robbery, etc) especially if you live with a certain comfort (television, washmashine, etc.) so that I forget that and go for a flat in the city….so sad. What can you tell us about your experience with security? Thanks a lot
    Allah give you a blessed live

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