Life up here, where we live, is mostly still unplugged. A lot of work is still done by hand and you seldom hear machines or motors; the air is still clean, children mostly play together in nature and people gather outside. That’s a blessing, subhanallah, and it was one of the main reasons why we choose to live here, alhamdulillah.

But here as well as elsewhere, in many areas of everyday life, it demands a conscious choice to choose “unplugged” as a lifestyle.
Unplugging means to me to avoid technical stuff; to avoid mechanic sound; to use desktops and screens fewer; to switch off  often CD-players, TV, computers, mobile phones, i-pods, blackberries, kitchen helpers and all the other things that promise us to make live funnier, easier and quicker; to me it means to avoid everything processed in general.

Living unplugged means to allow silence and quiet; to listen to the sound of our souls and nature; it means to slow down; to choose a conscious state of mind; to look at and connect with the people and the beauty around us; to work by hand; trying to live as much natural-sustainable-eco-green as possible.  

It is a choice everyone can make in her own life. It isn’t easy sometimes and courage and some effort are needed. But it is definitely worth it.
It brings us closer to the essentials of life; to our own self; to the people we love; it restores and fine-tunes all our senses; it heals and it draws us closer to our pure fitra (pure, good and innocent state of every human being).
And in the end it draws us closer to nature and to our Creator.

I wish you well, I wish you moments in “acoustic style” and may Allah bless your life with as much “unplugged” as possible!

Post inspired by nature and “Beauty that moves”.



7 thoughts on “Unplugged

  1. Salamualaikum Itto!

    Amin, I love your “unplugged”-post, also because it is exactly what I wish for us as a family and hope we´ll reach it step by step.. Thanks for your words and its a reminder for myself to look forward to our life in morocco inscha Allah.


  2. AlhumduAllahi!! As-Salaam Alikum, Your site is to be complimented, MashaAllah!! Your very inspiring for the mere fact that I too live in simular-Life-Style. I live in the Southern Plains of Colorado, USA, just before the foothills of surrounding mountains. There’s sooooo much work to be done, none that beats the tranquillity of Nature and silence or the vast night-time sky. Little is to be taken for granted, but much is appreciated, most of which costs nothing. You can’t buy PeaCe here. Up against family members who choose to live the busy city Life-style, I’m often discouraged to stay on. Allah, (SWA) knows better for no matter how many times I try to leave, most can find me right here. I Thank Allah, and then I Thank You for sharing a common desire, as I call it, Back To Nature! Shukran Jazakala Kyrin

  3. “Unplugged” is why I read your blog. I’m not Muslim, I have no children – but I see something in your life that appeals to me, and that I would like to learn from. We do not live simply enough, and our lives are too often dominated by ‘plugged in’. It’s my aim to increase our time in nature, outdoors, in fresh air, and un plugged. Thankyou for the inspiration.

  4. JAK Itto for the lovely post. I’m trying to deplug myself bit by bit but the only totally deplugged living I do is when I am on vacation with dh….and I do love those times.

  5. Your posts are so honest and pure Itto, a real pleasure always. Slowly I try to get away, to spend more time in nature, to switch off the lights and computer and to enjoy the perfection of silence. But it is hard.
    However it is something we would need, to reconnect with our true self. I wish one day I’ll live more “unplugged”, for my children to come to be able to play in peace outside, for my husband and I to enjoy more the sunrise than the last movie on TV.
    Your post makes me want to change a bit of my daily routine and to reconnect with God. Thank you. Take care.

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