…things to do…


Already a is week gone since I wrote my last little post… mashaallah, time flies and there are so many things to do, alhamdulillah :

– praying Istikhara about all those things to come, 
– organizing some medical visits for our little girl who has a very bad hearing since her birth. We already removed some growth and put some grommets in her ears (your treatment recommendations are very much appreciated if you have some experience with the same problem!) but need now to see if things go better or if there is a deeper problem (please keep her in your dua’. JAK).
–  leading the enrolling for the next school year.
– a lot of things to plan and to think about for the future of the school, about exams and a curriculum to prepare and about the youth project in general (inchaallah I will write more about it soon).
– keeping care of our new little rabbit family and an extended garden with a lot of things in growth, alhamdulillah (thanks God we had a lot of rain during the last week).
– a whole pile of things to store, to mend, to clean … and some many other ideas in my head about what I want to re-organize, to sew, to make new, inchaaallah.

I got a pile of really great new books from friends which are a wonderful inspiration and which I recommend to you.

So when I find a little moment to just be, I try to calm down, to re-center my thoughts, I drink tea (yes, I got a new Swiss mug) and I read in those books:

John Seymour: “Das neue Buch vom Leben auf dem Lande” (“New complete book of self-sufficiency”),

Naomi Aldort: “Von der Erziehung zur Einfühlung” (“Raising our children, raising ourselves”),

Susanne Fischer-Rizzi: “Medizin der Erde” (“Medicine of the earth”) and “Mit der Wildnis verbunden”,

Ursel Bühring: “Mit Ursel Bühring durchs Pflanzenjahr”,

and the ever great Sisters-magazine, which is a wonderful way of boosting my ‘deen (faith).  

Happy week’s end, happy reading and happy May to you!


6 thoughts on “…things to do…

  1. Salamualaikum,
    ich hoffe dass es deiner tochter bald besser geht, ich kenne das nur zu gut..ich hatte als kind unzählige male paukenröhrchen, unzählige arztbesuche..ich habe immer sehr schlecht gehört…das liegt nun jahre zurück und ich höre mittlerweile wirklich gut..nicht perfekt, aber gut alhamdulillah. bei uns scheint das eine familiäre geschichte zu sein, mein großvater hört/e schlecht, mein vater, ich.. und mein vater sagt immer er muss dieses muster lösen;)
    ich wünsche dir frohes schaffen und hilfe bei den richtigen entscheidungen mit Allahs Hilfe!


  2. Salaam, I opened your blog whilst sipping tea..(.actually more like wolfing it down, must learn to sip!) out of my white spotted red mug….would you believe it!! Also, we are currently waiting for my little boy to have grommets put in his ears and have his tonsils and adenoids out. Inshallah! I hope and pray your little girl is ok and that you can have some calm time. Enjoy your new books. xx

  3. Assalamo alaikum,

    Three of my children have had severe glue ear since birth (caused by a cleft palate) and have each had grommets inserted 4 or 5 times. For many children once isn’t enough which is why hearing tests should be carried out every three months. InshaAllah there is nothing more serious to your daughters hearing issues, but is an audiology clinic easily accessible to you? InshaAllah khair, and please let us know xxx

  4. InshAllah all works out well with your little girl’s hearing. I really have not input on this since I’ve not dealt with such situation. May Allah guide you on the path to take 🙂

  5. Asalamalaikum,
    A beautiful blog mashaAllah.
    On the gromets issue my son had glue ear, had gromets at 4.5 years and they came out last year at the age of 8 (with much pain, tears and gunk ) last year. In hindsight I would have taken the homeopathic route first, he’s ear still leaks gunky liquid. Also I hear things like bowen are amazing alternatives. I have made the choice not to have his adanoids taken out now and inshaAllah look for alternative therepies.
    May Allah grant shifa for your daughter…amin.

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