Home, sweet Home


After a long travel to Switzerlandand an extended stay in Marrakech we are happy to be back home, alhamdulillah.
I need still time to settle in, to reflect upon the journey, about the work we did with our partner school and about some long term health solutions we have to find for our little girl, inchaallah.
But just now I am so grateful for friends and family we met everywhere, for many beautiful moments we shared, for Allah’s blessing throughout the whole trip, for a home to come back to and for my three boys to hug after two and a half weeks away. Subhanallah!

Salam aleikoum, thanks for your prayers and happy week to you!


12 thoughts on “Home, sweet Home

  1. I pray you find ease through your troubles and that Allah blesses your little girl with shifaa, from whatever ails her…..
    much love & peace for the sake of Allah ta’ala

  2. Alhmadulillah for family, home and the countless blessings from our creator. May Allah help you and your family on your path and bless you everyday.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Un bon retour à la maison… Je peux imaginer à quel point c’est bon d’être chez soi moi qui ait tout quitté avec ma famille pour commencer une nouvelle aventure à l’autre bout du monde. Nous sommes loin mais avec toi et ta petite fille au besoin. Je l’embrasse avec toute mon affection de maman. Affectueusement.

  4. Salamalaykum ! Ich hoffe Du gewoehnst Dich schnell wieder ein und Deine Kleine wird wieder gesund. Habt ihr dort Heiler in Euer Gegend? Wuerde mich brenndend interessieren, da mein Mann und ich hier in Algier als Heiler taetig sind. LG gruesse in die Berge von Marokko

  5. I am Glad to hear you had a lovely trip and imagine you delight to be back home at the same time.
    May God looks well after your little girl and provide her with a better health in a near future. Stay well.

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