new Bags


While making up my wardrobe, I also did some springtime sewing. Here are the results from the last week:

a new bag made of repurposed jeans and realized with the help of Melissa’s great tutorial ;
and a little handbag for my girl, just as those I did for the boys before (made of old trousers).

Happy Spring and blessed week to you !



7 thoughts on “new Bags

  1. MashAllah – I think it’s great that you’re making your own clothes. I have been wanting to make some tunic style shirts for myself as they are sooo expensive to buy and the fabric I find is generally not something I like. Wish me luck!

  2. Very creative, mashAllah. I’m myself trying to get the hang of sewing, mainly to sew dresses for my girls. Just need to replace my sewing machine since I spend most of my time struggling with it than actually sewing. I see you have a Bernina, how is it?

  3. Masha’Allah what a creative way to repurpose old clothes! I love the details you added and am now inspired to make a bag for my little girl.

  4. Creative as always:) Dearest Itto, your bag looks roomy and and simple. I like it, especially the fabric pattern/colors on the inside of the bag and the sling. Your daughters’ look adorable. Enjoy spring. Our first day of spring here in NY was greeted with rain and snow. Today again, rain and a little bit of snow. Alhamdulilah to the Creator for this weather as compared to others who were hit with calamities due to unfortunate weather:(


  5. Sehr schön, vor allem die Innenseite der Jeanstasche-Lasche finde ich schön.
    Sehr gut!

    Ganz liebe Grüße von der Heimwerkersteffi aus Bremen

  6. cute bags!!! I want to make my own skirts.(it will save me lots of money)..I found a pattern that is simple
    and easy to make. I bought the material…and it’s waiting, waiting..for me.
    I don’t love sewing. I hope your post will inspire me!!!!

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