In my last post I wrote about the concept of logotherapy and how well it matches the Islamic lifestyle. In one book, Elisabeth Lukas writes about the modern day’s illness of society which is about always wanting more, running after material goods, and not treasuring what we already have; and also that a lot of today’s depressions are rooted in the lack of faith in something higher than us.

According to Lukas, praying is a way to heal ourselves. But before asking for something we should begin to thank for what we already have, as it is through realizing the gifts we already are blessed with that we become happy, satisfied and encouraged to live out our owns best.
Islam tells us nothing different: be thankful, be humble, and look at what Allah has blessed you with, look at those who have less, so that you might be taught gratitude and compassion. Alhamdulillah.  

Maybe I’ll begin a new thankful-series here – wanna join me?    

Subhanallah, this morning I am thankful for…

… snow and rain (which the dry soil over here so desperately needed),
… but also for signs of spring and the warmth of the sun,
… black Darjeeling tea and a slice of cake,
… for health, energy and purpose in life,
… for inspiration all around.

Alhamdulillah and happy week!



6 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. Superschoener Post mit wunderschoenen Bildern!! 🙂
    Auch wenn ich es nicht im Islam auslebe, hab ich von dieser Dankbarkeit doch einiges aus Marokko mitgenommen!!! Und diese Dankbarkeit bereichert das Leben schon ungemein! Ich bin so froh, dass ich damals nach Marokko gekommen bin! Alhamdulillah!

  2. As-Salam Alaykoum
    Al hamdulillah
    This morning I am thankful for…
    … having read your post that reminds me to be thankful for good health, good husband and good son, in fact good life !
    I’m fond of your blog… I wish you will continue to write Inch Allah !

  3. Salam aleykum,

    This morning I’m thankful for a good coffee, for my sustenance and for not having to go out every morning for work. Alhamdulilah for my loving husband too.
    Thanks God for the peace You braught in my heart, in my life.
    Thanks God for the ability of reflexion and pondering you gave to some of the mankind.
    الحمد الله على كلّ شيء (Alhamdulilah ‘ala kulli shaiy) (Thanks God for everything)

    Ma salama

  4. Indeed there is so much to be thankful for, where to being..This morning i am thankful for my son’s sleep and a little time for peace and quite. Thankful for finding your blog. Ahamdulilah

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