Logotherapy, Islam and some Books

In the morning, when the children are still asleep, I often crawl into the warm corner beside our chimney, welcoming the first sunrays with a cup of tea and a good book before the hustle and bustle of the day starts and this morning I thought  it is time to give you an update of the books that are in my mind at the moment…


Last year a very dear friend of mine introduced me to the concept of logotherapy and since summer I already read some different books about and am now in love with it.

I like the concept behind it so much as it seems to me being the only successive approach to life, to human problems in general:

The thing is not to question life and hard times and to ask “why?”

But rather try to give an answer to the (sometimes hard) questions life is offering us and to face it with a meaningful, positive attitude.

I love the concept of seeing the human being as free and independent (in the last consequence even free from the own ego and desires), always having the possibility to change and to take direction on our own, even in the worst of cases, might it only be by an inner change of view.

I see that the Islamic concept of seeing life as a test, trying to make the best out of any given situation, to behave in one’s best way is nothing different.
Logotherapy fits so very well with Islam and its concept – it seems as if the one just complements the other. I think logotherapy puts circumstances, thoughts and human psyche in words and Islam gives a concept of meaning and purpose and offers even a whole detailed way of life. Both enrich the other, subhanallah. 

If you are also interested to read more about logotherapy, I first recommend you Viktor E. Frankl’s book “Men’s search for meaning”.

I liked the book so much. I found it very disturbing in the beginning because I never could and still cannot stand to hear all the cruelty of concentration camps, in which Frankl spent some years of his life. But he managed to write his story with deep hope and optimism – very touching and very true.

I also recommend all the books from Elisabeth Lukas (available in English, German and other languages), a specialist in logotherapy.

At the moment I am reading another book on psychology and healing, called “The secret of instant healing” (Quantenheilung) from Frank J. Kinslow, which my father recommended to me. The book is much less of a spiritual one and some parts do not fit with my Muslim point of view, but the whole thing of healing through positive energy and thoughts seems to be great…. I am trying on it and will give you an update later, inchaallah.

What about you? What are the best books you’ve read over the last months?

Happy reading and happy March!


2 thoughts on “Logotherapy, Islam and some Books

  1. salamualaikum,

    maschaAllah sehr Interessant, das sind Bücher die ich zu gut aus dem Bücherregal meines Vaters kenne! ..da scheint es kleine parallelen zu geben;) Ich selber habe mich noch nicht weiter mit dem Thema beschäftigt, aber werde es sicher mal tun inschaAllah. Ich habe in letzter Zeit gerne über GFK Gewaltfreie Kommunikation gelesen, aber ich denke das ist dir sicher ein Begriff. Habe in den letzten Wochen oft an dich gedacht und gehofft dass wir es von Beni Mellal mal zu euch rauf schaffen, aber die Zeit war leider einfach zu knapp…

    Lg nach Azilal und salamualaikum

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