Spring Make Up


The air is getting warmer, the trees are blossoming and it feels like new life is growing everywhere. Slowly we put off the second pair of socks and woolen trousers and the fire in the chimney doesn’t burn that often any more…

…Time for a make up of my wardrobe:

I am still in the green-living and repurposing mood and anyway, as I’ve told you a year ago, buying new things is nearly impossible over here, even if I would have the wish and the money.
My style and taste changed over the years and the older I grow the more I like long and wide, feminine dresses. More and more I approach the Islamic manner of making myself beautiful at home and to wear lovely clothes when with family but to cover myself in modesty when going out – its’ quiet the contrary of what I was brought up with.

So when I recently opened my closet, I found a lot of things which I liked either in color or shape but nothing seemed to fit “perfect” with my actual feeling of style.
The easiest way of renewing my wardrobe seemed to put together some pieces and to make something new out of them.

So I took several tunics, skirts and dresses; I cut off the worn-out parts or those which didn’t fit, and I pinned together matching pieces in a new way: a top part of a tunic sewn together with the lower part of a wide t-shirt made a totally new long dress; the lower part of an old skirt sewn together with a piece of a blouse made another lovely new piece; a beautiful appliqué here, a new shawl combined with it there…
Subhanallah, totally fresh home dresses without spending any money only by repurposing old things.

And those clothes which I really do not wear any longer, those which kept untouched since more than a year, I’ll give away as charity, inchaallah….

I think the spring-cleaning season has begun just as every year, friends! Let’s see what’s about next to make up – any new ideas for home and self?


4 thoughts on “Spring Make Up

  1. AA Itto,
    Ohhh a fashion designer..hee!! very clever idea..I can imagine it was a lot of fun.
    I just started my spring cleaning and it feels soooo good!!! It will probably take about two months as I do it in small steps. iA
    My new spring project…growing orchids. A friend of my mother has a house full full of orchids..she taught me a no fuss way to grow and take care of them…can’t wait to get started ..just waiting for the cheap ones to arrive in the stores. And I had a lovely spring surprise..a bluebird landed on my birdfeeder for the very first time. Subhan Allah. I was thrilled. I do love spring. Hope you have a happy and peaceful one. iA

  2. What a wonderful project! I love the way you are so creative, not wasting anything but making something new and exciting with what you have.
    I also love the beautiful light in your pictures. There is nothing in my life I crave so much as beautiful light (you saw my dark-ish house 😦
    I believe the word you are looking for is makeover 🙂 Did you get the email I sent you at your web.de address? Sorry we seem to not be able to connect these days. I also have another email nora@clcmorocco.org it’s better.

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