My Morocco


Maybe the whole world looks these days towards Morocco.

I don’t know, but I get asked a lot about the situation and I can feel that people are concerned and kind of wait that something boils up here just as in the several countries around.

You know, I am not interested in politics as I’ve mentioned before; I really have no idea about it. My approach to the world and its realities is more of the intuitive kind; I try to feel things. And I feel that there is a huge pressure of western media who would like to see a revolution here in Morocco. I feel that they would love to see the country burning because that sells. Mashaallah.

But you know what; from my point of view I can tell you that things are quiet and just as before. Especially up in our mountains one wouldn’t even recognize that something’s going on, if people wouldn’t tell.
I know that in the cities there is some little riot and that they tried some demonstration this weekend but it kind of failed because only few people showed up. I know that the youth tries to revolutionize in some places.

It’s true; you can find poverty, illiteracy, corruption, unemployment, miserable conditions, despair and injustice here – just as in so many other countries.
Leading such a various country isn’t easy because it is heterogenic in just everything (culture, language, landscape) and therefore so various in its needs (social standards, education, living conditions)…

But one has to admit that slowly there is a change for the better to be seen. There are new laws made and new directions taken. There are very good intentions to be felt, new doors open and there is a lot to hope for.
But good things take time to grow and to establish and rushing head over heels for something new wouldn’t make it better.
We will have to be patient and try to peacefully act for the better in our own environment while praying that Allah might guide this country, the people and its leader in peace towards a hopeful future, inchaallah:

Allah, Al’Ouatan, Al’Malik!


9 thoughts on “My Morocco

  1. salamualaikum Itto,

    how true! amin
    I feel and see that morocco is changing about the last years and as you said: “but good things take time to grow” …all I have seen about the last days were people who demolished stores and houses, I’m sure this is not the right way. yes, true…all we can do is to turn back to ourselves (to our islam) inschaAllah.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum sis

    Alhamdulillaah I am so happy you posted this. I agree with your viewpoint as this is the true view point of Islaam. I am no scholar but with the little knowledge I have of Islaam I know the Messenger of Allaah said “you should hear and obey the ruler even if he flogs your back and takes your wealth, then still hear and obey”

    Subhanallaah I see the wisdom behind it fully especially now. I sincerely pray that every Muslim knows this and acts upon it.

    Media is the culprit and very sadly not only the western media even the Arab media now, subahanallah.

    May Allaah rectify the affairs of the Muslims and guide our rulers. Aameen

  3. As Salaamu alaykum,

    Wow. I have read your blog for a while now.

    And I feel very disappointed by this post.
    Even if someone has been blessed to live a life that is isolated and privileged, they should not dismiss the struggle of others to attain dignity and opportunity. It was not just a few people. There were at least 10,000 people in Rabat and they represent HUNDREDS of thousands of people who were too afraid to publicly go against the government.

    The media is not the culprit, the culprits are greedy people in power and those who silently acquiesce to them, who look the other way, or even worse, who openly support criminal immoral behavior.

    May Allah Subhanahu Bless our Beloved Prophet. May those who find it hard to obey unjust rulers be strengthened and given patience.

    May the “Moroccan Trinity” of Allah al-Watan, Al-Malik be rejected.

  4. AA Itto,
    Hmmmm ……a subject we disagree on..:)
    For me I am interested in politics and even if far removed from recent events I feel I need to listen to the voices of those speaking out. I have been glued to the TV for the last three weeks..marveling at the courage, steadfastness and patience of our dear brothers and sisters in Tunisia, Egypt and now iA Libya. Al-Humdulillah. Standing up for justice against an oppressive ruler is a noble cause and I support,with all my heart, anyone who does it in a peaceful and honorable way. These people have suffered under tyrannical rulers for 30,40 years…and they have endured it with patience…but by now taking to the streets and risking their lives for freedom they have brought nothing but honor and dignity to our ummah. al-Humdulillah.
    also just want to add I agree with Sumayya the media is not the culprit.

  5. salamualaikum,

    it is really true, the media is not the culprit, and yes I can understand the people in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Morocoo…but Morocco is in contrast to the other countries in a change. The king has made (in recent years) many efforts for a better Morocco (he, for example, doubled the salary of the policemen and so much more)—is this now the gratitude? I can also see the desperation of people, poor people but there is the fact that changes NEED time and cooperation. The prophet (saws)did not allowed such acts, do we no longer believe in the power of Dua and peace? Dua is the true weapon of the true believers, not war, not rebellion, but peace. So what we can do together is making Dua for our sisters and brothers..

  6. i enjoy reading your blog for your ideas, attitude towards life, people, religion.. seems quite profound and i can feel you are convinced of the things you do, you are not one of these who are desperately yearning for acceptance and compliments. i appreciate that!!! so i’m very surprised to read that you’re not interested in politics. it’s the base of a country. so everybody should be concerned whats going on in their country. thats the chance to get involved, set conditions for a life in peace and stand up against injustice.

  7. Je suis très intéressée par les mouvements de peuples dans les différents pays depuis quelques semaines. Je suis à la fois très heureuse et admirative de voir ses hommes et femmes prendre leur destin en main mais je suis aussi inquiète des conséquences… comment passer brusquement d’une dictature à une démocratie… qui pourra les soutenir sur leur nouveau chemin. Je suis très en colère devant les gouvernements européens qui restent passablement discrets sur la situation…
    Je comprends totalement ce que tu dis Itto et je sais que même si tu ne t’intéresses pas à la politique, tu es une femme très engagée et actrice pour tes concitoyens.

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