Homemakers at Heart


I am a homemaker at heart. And I am proud to be – alhamdulillah and with God’s help.

I deeply feel that it is us, the mothers, who create a home, who feed the spirit within.
It is us, the mothers, who introduce meaning and consciousness to family life.
It is our God-given duty to provide love and care, an open ear, a beautiful environment, a warm meal and a welcoming hug.

It is up to our individual creativity how we celebrate family life, how we establish rhythm, how we practice faith, how we strengthen family bonds, and how we create a peaceful atmosphere.

It is us, the mothers, who are responsible to bring up a new generation of people to this world – children who are able to live in love, peace and respect for themselves and the world around.

I love to be the center of our home, the maker of rhythm and routine in the best of its meanings.
I love to be the provider of comfort, coziness and nourishment.
I am proud to be a manager, a guide, the keeper of balance, of continuity, of love and of peace around here.

I am the shepherdess of my flock.
I am the heart and the soul of the home.
I am the mamma – a real homemaker.

And I am thankful for it, subhanallah.

Today I feel blessed to be. Alhamdulillah.


There are great books out there on homemaking and here are some articles I wrote and some literature I read:

Shea Darian: “Seven times the sun”

Steven and Teri Maxwell: “Managers of their homes”

Amanda Blake Soule: “Handmade Home” and “the creative family”

Rahima Baldwin Dancy: “You are your child’s first teacher”

Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn: “Everyday Blessings”

Mohammed Rida Beshir: “Meeting the challenge of parenting in the West”

* about how to make a house a home
* the making of traditions  
* manager of my home
* time management
* about children’s playplace and toys


11 thoughts on “Homemakers at Heart

  1. Salaam Itto,

    I hope you and the family are well. It was nice to check in with you through your blog today. Everything looks beautiful, a vivid postcard of your life there.
    Looking forward to visiting you and Nora W. one day.
    Blessings to you.

  2. salam aleikoum Itto,
    I hope you are well.
    I agree with you when you write “homemaker” and “mothers are so important for the balance of a family”…
    I don’t try manufactured produces, except chocolate tablets of course, and I try to make good meals with products from biologic culture…
    I also try to bring up my little family the better I can…even if it’s difficult because I work outside more than 44h a week and also night and week end sometimes…
    I’d like to be a housewife mashallah..
    thanks for giving us ideas, good feelings..and thanks Allah every day to be what I am now, a mother..nora
    good day and sorry for my english witch it is not so good!!

  3. OOOOOOHHHHHH,,,,,This post touched my heart…a beautiful reminder of how important our role as homemaker is and what a blessing Allah(swt) has given us. I could just hug you for writing this inspiring post!!!! JAK!!!

  4. As-Salam Alykoum Itto
    BarakAllohu fiki ! Your words are so true, so beautiful !
    I pray Allah to be a good wife, a good daughter, a good mother full of love and a good proud homemaker.
    Blessings to you and your family ! Al Hamdulillah

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