Back to the Basics


Today I wanna talk about my re-discovered love and sense for a healthier and more balanced diet, especially concerning snacks.

Our last year was loaded with lots of work, with things to do and: my oven didn’t work.

So sometimes I didn’t take enough time to choose carefully what food I would provide for the kids and myself. When hunger came between the meals, the quickest and easiest thing was to eat chocolate-bars, factory-made-cookies or other sweets. Mashaallah, our sugar-consume raised immensely and I didn’t even notice it very much.
Sometimes an awakening comes slowly, but one day I sat there, unpacking some bars out of their foil, asking myself what processed stuff I am eating here and why we should produce all that extra-rubbish… I thought about self-sufficiency, about my eco-organic-living-aims, about the healthy lifestyle of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who gave a perfect example of a green living.
I immediately felt the urge to take again more care about our bodies, our health and about what we eat. I felt the rush to take back control about ingredients, sugar and vitamins and about what we are feeding us with. I reached the decision to go back as much to the basics as possible, to reach out for more local food, to make again homemade sweets and to use the most natural ingredients possible.
Luckily the poor and frugal life circumstances here offer maybe the best bases for an inventive living and the lack of modern supermarkets make it easier to remember resourceful ideas, alhamdulillah.

So beside the main meals which I always cook freshly and mostly without processed helpers, here are the new snack-ideas I recently added to our meal plan:

Instead of expensive cereals we make our own grind whole meal muesli for breakfast or the wonderful sourdough-bread I’ve already written about. 

Instead of processed cookies we eat dates, prunes, dry fruits and nuts, freshly baked cakes and sometimes even homemade bars (there are lovely recipes to be found on the net).
If I can get enough fresh milk from the farmers around, we make our own yoghurt and curd cheese (without a lot of work and measuring, only by boiling the milk, letting it cool down a bit, adding some spoon of yoghurt and then leaving it under warm blankets for at least 5 hours).

Instead of poor waxy sausages we make our own home-smoked-beef-ham and liver sausage for sandwiches.


I feel more energized that way and I am sure our teeth, bodies and minds do so as well, subhanallah.
How much better it often is to go back to the basics, to follow the example of our ancestors, to let us guide by the sunnah of Islam and by the lifestyle our prophet (sws) led and how much more reward there is in overcoming some laziness, inchaallah.

I wish you well, I wish you health, joy, love and peace and a wonderful Sunday, and I would love to hear about your favorite back-to-basic-recipes.


3 thoughts on “Back to the Basics

  1. Assalam Aleyki,
    I discovered your blog through mm-blog Macha Allah, and I really find myself in many articles you write, and you give plenty good ideas!

    Let me share one of mine now, I also started to stop buying manufactered biscuits (we still buy a little chocolate but plain tablets) and I try to make them, it’s very quick :
    mix some flour with a little salt and 2 teaspoon of brown sugar, you can add some sesame grains, some dry raisins or cut up dattes and mix with butter or olive oil (for those who prefer to avoid milk products). you obtain a loaf then make little balls with your hands, or if you have some shapes to make biscuits it’s even better. put in a warm oven and wait 15min about, and you have great home made biscuits for teatime or breakfast. you can also replace the raisins by chocolate pepites.

    Voilà! Hope to read you soon incha Allah. your pics are also beautiful Macha Allah, especially the quadriptic (what’s the spelling??).
    May Allah bless you and your family.

  2. It is ridiculous how these things creep up on us and get us all out of whack, athudibillah! I JUST purchased a baking pan larger enough to bake wholesome goodness for the entire family, alhumdiAllah. Our old pans don’t fit in our new oven and we just kept forgetting or not finding what we needed when the inspiration arose, so–yaye!!!to home-baked goodness!!!

    And of course I still keep a stash of naughty chocolates for mum and the other adults 😉

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