January Walk


enjoying …

… the smell of fresh air, letting the thoughts wander, being thankful for the beauty of nature, enjoying the calming effects of God’s creation even in winter’s scantiness …

… there are always enough reasons for and uncountable blessings in an outside walk!

happy week!

5 thoughts on “January Walk

  1. salamualaikum dear Itto,

    subhanallah i really miss morocco …what a beautiful blue sky!
    Wish you a happy week too.

  2. I love to be outdoors..to be in the midst of Allah’s creation no matter the season is always exhilerating. Just returned from a trip to Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Parks…so my walks last week were a bit grander than usual.:)….left me speechless to describe their beauty. Al-Humdullillah…but whether it’s simple ouside walk or walking along a breathtaking trail….. I agree with you Itto there is much to observe and be thankful for.

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