Simply Breakfast and a Recipe


Not a lot to tell about here: we are all a bit sick with a cold (even though we still do not have any snow around here!) and I am also in the midst of half-term-evaluation for the school.

With this perfect comforting sourdough-bread-recipe I wish you a beautiful weekend and a wonderful week – hope you and yours are well, inchaallah!


3 thoughts on “Simply Breakfast and a Recipe

  1. Salam ma chère Itto,

    Je te souhaite tout d’abord une belle année à toi et à ta famille, de belles choses à venir, la santé ainsi qu’une belle année pour l’école et les enfants…
    Je t’écris de mon petit village où je vis toujours et je pense souvent à toi, aussi en ce jour hivernal je te souhaite un bon rétablissement !



  2. Even thought is 9:30pm here, this photo is going to send me downstairs for a piece of my home-made bread toasted with lots of butter on it. Pictures can have that power, subhanAllah!
    Lovely as always, mashAllah.

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