On Solstice and Light


The longest day night of the year has passed, the light comes back.

It’s been three years now that I came to this world of blogs and blogging and this also was like light coming into my life, subhanallah. I got, and still get, so many inspirations out of that whole community of creative, crafting, believing, committed, lovely women and mothers that I wanted to dedicate this post to all of you! – To all the inspirational bloggers who never fail to surprise me, but also to my dear readers and friends who leave supportive thoughtful comments and who accompany us with their thoughts, alhamdulillah.

Thank you so much, Jazakoumu Allahu khairan!
I wish you very blessed winter days full of brightness, love and happiness; full of comfort, warmth and harmony.
And I wish especially to all my Christian friends: merry peaceful days!

I leave you with a little selection of the blogs most dear to my heart, those which I visit nearly every time I switch on the computer, those where I read nearly every post, where I look at the pictures with awe, those which always leave me with a good feeling and new ideas:



Tiny Happpy



2 thoughts on “On Solstice and Light

  1. Asalamalaikum,
    Ive just stumbled upon your beautiful blog, so inspirational masha’Allah. I am fascinated by craft and images of morocco . Im also a convert who studied interior but unlike you I have been so lazy with arts and crafting unless its some sort of project I have to do with the little ones. So heres hoping I will now be inspired after being on your blog.
    Wa Salam Umm Isa

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