May I introduce…


This is Lilli.

Finally the doll for my little girl is done, alhamdulillah.
It wasn’t that difficult to make her. I quiet enjoyed the whole process although it took me more than half a year. But if I would sum it up, the real working time was only about 10 hours. All about how to do it I found online and most of the doll is easily sewn by hand, filled with pure wool and some lavender for a beautiful smell.
It was the first doll I ever did, but I hope it wasn’t the last one, inchaallah.

I like our new family member, and the kids do as well, subhanallah, and for me it’s a joy to have some girly things here amongst all the boyish cars, swords and legos.

…Off to a rainy-snowy-windy weekend at home playing girl-things and enjoying the coming of winter with a warm mug of tea, cookies and candles, inchaallah.
Happy cozy Sunday!


11 thoughts on “May I introduce…

  1. Salam Lilli. You are indeed one lucky doll. You got to stay in the high atlas with a nice family. I’m sure little Itto and family will take very good care of you:)

  2. She`s beautiful dear Itto. I have been following your blog for a while now and it`s been quite an inspiration. I love the beauty here. Thank you for finding the time to share your creative life and congratulations on your lovely new school!

    This is the little nudge I needed to start working on the Waldorf dolls for my two little girls.

    May Allah bless you and your family and reward you with goodness.

    The gentle, light and peaceful snowflakes graced us with their sweet presence here aswell (Canada). Happy cozy Sunday to you too!

    wassalamu alaikum

  3. Ein wunderschönes Püpple ist das geworden, liebe Itto. So richtig zum Kuscheln an Wintertagen in der warmen Stube.
    Bei uns ist der Winter eingezogen, das ganze Land liegt unter Schnee – und die Sonne scheint darauf.
    Alles Liebe aus dem Land unter derTeck

  4. Very lovely! 🙂 I had wondered if you ever completed it, and am so glad you did! 🙂 I have been wanting to make one for my little girl, too. Maybe I will! 🙂

  5. Assalaamu alaikum dear Itto,

    I am sure you have heard this many many times before, but let me say it yet again: You are such an inspiration! May Allah bless you.
    I am now too about to venture into the world of blogging Inshallah. With my personal intention to reach my family and friends back in Czech Republic and elsewhere with all the words I would love to say to them, but have little time or/and courage to do it. Following your blog (for a long time) has been the biggest inspiration and encouragement not only because we share the same faith and similar background being brought up as non muslims, but also because of the beauty that surrounds your home thanks to your creative mind and skillful hands MashaAllah. So not only will I get an inspiration from you for my blog InshaAllah, but also for a house that my husband is planning to build for us in the M’Zab region of Algeria which he asked me to pre plan Inshallah.
    So once again, may Allah bless you and help you in everything you do and may He bless us with continuous inspiration from you 🙂
    With lots of love and peace along the lines

  6. Liebe Itto,
    die Puppe ist wunderschön geworden. Deine Tochter wird sie bestimmt ewig lieben, so wie ich meine erste und einzige Puppe, meine Susi, die ich immer noch habe.

    Ganz liebe Grüße aus dem eisigen Bremen.
    p.s. auf den Schnee warten wir noch, den Bob habe ich schon gekauft.

  7. salamualaikum liebe itto,

    sie ist wunderschön geworden, allahibarik. vielleicht werd ich mich auch mal trauen..meine kleine (gerade 1 Jahr alt) würde sich sicher riesig freuen!


  8. She is LOVELY. How nice to have something for your little one to hold and play “mama” with – much softer and warmer so snuggle than legos or swords 😉

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