Blissful Days Off

Some impressions of ‘Id el Adha.

Assalamou alaikoum! Thank you so much for the lovely holiday- wishes – I hope you‘ve all had blessed and happy days as well.

We are still enjoying the days off and I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added a new page here called “Reader’s favourites”: .
You find it on the main link bar on top of this blog right beside the “Books”-link.
There you can quickly find the most popular posts of my blog which makes the search easier for you.

I wish you a peaceful weekend, may Allah protect you all!


4 thoughts on “Blissful Days Off

  1. I love how you actually wear the hoods on your moroccan thowbs, or would you call them jalabiyas? In any case, here people love them but I’ve never seen anyone donning the hood, it’s cute!
    May you be enjoying a beautiful weekend too…

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