still a lot to do…


In Morocco ‘Id el Adha will be tomorrow (unfortunately not today as in Makkah and Europe and elsewhere). So we are fasting today and I still have a lot to prepare such as baking, cleaning and gift-making – you know for Muslims these holidays are like Christmas for Christians, it is the most beautiful and important celebration every year and we remember prophet Abraham (as) and his incredible devotion to God (want to know more about ‘Id? Read here).

To all those who celebrate already today and to everyone else who celebrates tomorrow we wish a very blessed ‘Id , may Allah shower you with His mercy and make these days peaceful, happy and special for you.


4 thoughts on “still a lot to do…

  1. EID KAREEM to you! We too will celebrate on Wednesday here in Canada, althought some people follow whatever happens “backhome” so they’ll be having eid today. A bit confusing but alhamdulillah it’s a joyful day regardless.
    May you and yours have a blessed eid ul-adha!

  2. Asalaam Alaykum Itto,

    I was introduced to your blog and school project by a mutual friend, who writes a blog, “Moroccan Mama”. She and I are connected through the muslim community in the San Francisco Bay Area. From your prompting, I have begun to read Rebecca Wild’s book and it is turning my whole thought process on raising and educating children around. She seems so grounded amidst amazing feats, alhamdulilah. I am a training to be a science teacher now and I want to come to north africa to teach when I grad and I would love the chance to travel out to your school and see it someday. I wish you all the blessings that Allah can bestow. Eid Mubarak.
    Jennifer Rootes

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